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  1. Dear Heidi

    Thanks for starting this blog which is a courageous venture in itself never mind the focus. I love the way you explain exactly what your cancer is in the sidebar and the kind of treatment you will be having. Do you know the name of the chemotherapy drug you will have for 4 months? I had one for 6 months every 3 weeks [forget the name but will look it up when I get back to the US] and the drug was administered with the anti-vomiting and steroid – kind of all in one KoolAid. I then had another less toxic concoction for a further 3 months. One thing I would suggest cause lets be truthful chemo is toxic in itself even though it kills off cancer cells it has its own side effects so eating healthy and lots of fresh air and walking etc. Great that you do live by the sea and your vegan diet should all help you get through this.

  2. Heidi

    Hi dearest Sokari,

    I don’t know the name of the drug. I think I’ll be getting all the details on the chemo next Tuesday when we meet with the oncology team. From what I gather it’s the same as yours in that it’s given every three weeks and nurses have mentioned in passing that I will get anti-vomiting drugs and steroids for a couple of days afterwards and I might feel shit for up to a week each time. I’m taking acidofilus to try to replace the gut flora that the chemo will carpet bomb. Calcium to prepare my bones from any risk from the anti-oestrogen drug as osteoporosis could be an issue. And various vitamins to boost my immune system and health generally. And when I get rid of this silly cold, I’m gonna get going with my pregnancy yoga again. I figure being heavily pregnant and having cancer are pretty much the same thing no? ; p Except my offspring is evil. Adam is gonna pass his driving test in mid-feb so he can drive us to nice places where I can wander on the beach for a bit. And apparently there’s this special hotel in Bournemouth that caters specifically for sick types like me and give a cheap rate. So I can go have a holiday with the sick and dying… good times ; p Nah it looks nice and might be good to hang out with fellow sufferers. x

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