Small lumps & big feelings

So I just went to the Park Centre for Breast Care today for the first time since I got the news that I did have breast cancer. The poor innocent building is beginning to fill me with dread and fear. I must get a grip on that because I predict I’ll be spending a lot more time there. I had the biopsy of my lymph glands (under the right armpit) and they also did a biopsy of a very small lump that the MRI detected in my left breast. All numbed up, so at least there was no pain. Although I’m feeling a bit sore now and there’ll be no weightlifting for 2 days. Doh! So I got the news that the original lump is actually 6 cm whereas we previously thought it was 1.7 cm. So, quite some difference and it was a huge shock. But apparently these things can be relative and big boobs may mean big lumps. And as the radiologist made clear, I am “well-endowed” so there’s plenty of room for the surgeons to manoeuvre in. There’s still a good chance to ‘Save The Breast.’ Anyway the next big test result to come is from the biopsies to see if the cancer has spread to the other breast and to the lymph glands. We’ll deal with that when and if it comes. So I’m feeling pretty shaken up and I’m rolling with it. After a few of these bad news days I’ve discovered that I’ll have a day of weepiness and then I’ll accept it and make it part of the new reality.


6 thoughts on “Small lumps & big feelings

  1. Kat

    Hello darling,
    Sending you lots of love. Thankyou for starting this blog, you are so brave and clear in how you set out the situation. I learned a lot and it also means I am less likely to pester you for medical information that you have to repeat over and over again! Also great to have your treatment calendar.
    I’m sure I speak for all your bosom buddies when I say we love you and we’ll help any way we can.

  2. Heidi

    Thanks darling! There’s still some unknowns but as soon as I know results and when treatment starts properly, I’ll add it. love you too sweet, gorgeous friend. xxx

  3. Dan Gay

    Hey you. Your strength and attitude is humbling. I think you will see ‘Heidi’s bosom buddies’ turning very quickly into ‘Heidi’s huge Army of Bosom Buddies’. Keep smiling, stay strong and remember that for every ‘wobbly’ moment your army will be willing you forward.
    Big love

  4. Clive Halliday

    Thoughts from NC
    You are Strong
    You have a great support system
    We are here if and when you need us
    You are loved!

  5. Heidi

    Thanks so much Dan for that comment. I’m overwhelmed by the love and support pouring out of the internet tonight. I like the Bosom Army image. I think if we had more military based around bosoms, the world would be a nicer place ; ) And big love to NC peeps and my awesome US family. We’re planning a crazy American road trip when this is all done so I expect to see your gorgeous faces. xx

  6. Katy

    Dearest Heids, finally found you after a few weeks of work travel and internet woes. Thinking of you tonight more than ever. And Adam and Lilah. But mostly of you. You can beat this Darling.

    We have whirling flocks of pink Galahs outside the window and the sunset touched tips of the Great Dividing Ranges just visible in the distance. Love you nite, nite xxx

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