The Bad News Room

the bad news room

So this is the room in the clinic where they first told me I had cancer. I knew as soon as they took us to the room with the comfy chairs, it was gonna be bad. And they have been taking us there ever since. At least today it wasn’t so awful and the meeting with the surgeon held no devastating surprises. He actually said that the original lump is probably around 5 cm (not 6 cm) so some slightly better news. I’ll take it. But they can’t know for sure until they yank it out and do a Quincy on it. It looks like the chemotherapy will come first to shrink the bugger before they do surgery. This will mean two things. They can see if the cancer is responding to the chemo as the lump will start to shrink and if it’s smaller, then they will take less tissue out of the breast. Thus furthering the goals of the ‘Save the Breast’ campaign, please sign the petition: “Dear Cancer, We strongly object to your plan to take over Heidi Bachram’s breasts. Please stop.”

Anyway as this was a slow news day for us, Adam and I descended into competing for the affections of the nicest nurse in the clinic, Julie. You’ll be glad to hear that I won said competition after she gave me a squeeze of my upper arm as we left the building. Next big news will be next Tuesday when we get the results from the lymph node biopsy (under armpit) and the small lump in my left boob.

11 thoughts on “The Bad News Room

  1. Kat

    I will sign that petition!
    Thanks for the update, and for letting us see the bad news room. Can you take a comforting object with you so one thing in the Bad News Room is grounding and reassuring? And hurray for the nice nurse. Sending love.

  2. Heidi

    Hah good idea on the comforting object. I do already have a gorgeous furry hubby that I take 😉 xx

  3. Adam B

    Anyone who needs a link to know who Quincy is should be unfriended immediately.
    Congrats on beating Adam on a competition like that, I never could.
    Appreciate the updates and seeing your spirits remain high.

  4. Heidi

    Hah Adam I did indeed consider for a moment not linking quincy but I lost my nerve. I shall take a hardliner stance on cultural matters in future ; p it was touch and go there on the Adam/nurse front, but having a deadly disease tipped it in my favour. If she’d been aware of his mental health it could have gone either way. X

  5. Karen

    Great to hear about the lovely nurse – those people are soooooo important! They bring their warm humanity into the institution – they give love to what they do, its amazing and so healing. A comforting object sounds like a nice idea. Got to admit I did click the Quincy link – I think I watched it in the 70s or something!

    1. Heidi

      Yes those precious human professionals are so crucial to making the whole experience less terrifying. That squeeze of the arm was a powerful act! Most of the advantage of Adam being with me is the extra balance he provides to that human/professional dynamic. haha on quincy! You get a pass darling for being awesome. A little secret.. The first ambition I remember having was wanting to be a pathologist as an inspired 7 year old watching that show. X

  6. kim

    Ha i got the Qunicy link, but thts only because i used to watch crap daytime tv, when Shaye was a baby.

  7. Heidi

    Careful sis about putting the words ‘crap’ and ‘Quincy’ in the same sentence ; p Hi Shayebie! Thank you for your love and I will be better very soon! I love you too. xxx

  8. JOba

    Ha Quincy?! This reminds me of faking illness of a school day and ripping up a storm in the front room with the likes of the crystal maze, quincy, murder she wrote…etc. Quite the wild child. This picture makes me want to board the next plane home and hug the sh*t out of you…makes my tummy hurt. Love you big sis.xxxxxxx

  9. I guess they were trying to make the room nice but it looks clinical [which it is in a hospital ] nothing much to say here as now you know and they have laid out the treatment plan. Glad they have ‘save the breast’ as a priority. Keep warm and bathe in the love everyone is sending

    Love Sokari

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