Preparing for the coming Chemo-pocalypse

healthy treatsSo today really felt like we’re battening down the hatches and making ready for imminent treatment. Mum and Dad starting purging the house of all unnecessary items and went home with a car full of our crap. Something they vowed NEVER to do again after years of their progeny’s old furniture, fridges and schoolbooks filling up their spare spaces. My house plants that have been hanging on for dear life for years now got some VIP repotting by Mum and are now no longer staring at me accusingly from the corners of the room. The parents also brought the above pictured giant box of healthy snacks (from my sister Kim and her peeps too) and I am well and truly ready for months of idle chewing of all things hemp or fruity. My sister now has the official role as ‘Head Snack Provider’. Energy balls will become increasingly in demand I predict.

Adam has also been all over the case and registered as a carer and a team up support group who will hopefully come and weed and water my allotment while I’m sick so I don’t lose it. I’ve been doing my bit for the coming Chemo-pocalypse by finding out that there are free massages and hypnotherapy available at the Sussex Cancer Centre that administers the chemo. Awesome! I will probably miss out on the purpose-built Macmillan complementary therapy centre though as they don’t open until October this year. I also nabbed one of the last two flu vaccinations left at my local GP surgery (she wrote my name on it and everything) but I’m going to check with my oncologist first before I get it. Apparently if I get any bugs while in the chemo treatment they have to delay the next round until my blood count is up. Also I don’t really want flu to turn into pneumonia which can happen when my immune system is wiped out by chemo. So we’re getting things in place ready for the coming storm and I’m feeling like the team is coming together and all hands are firmly on deck.

12 thoughts on “Preparing for the coming Chemo-pocalypse

  1. Karen

    Wow! The lengths some people go to to get their Spring Cleaning done!! It sounds like you and your team are doing a phenomenal job. Even happy plants at home and in the allotment – brilliant! Sending you big big love xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Kat

    Looks like you have a crack team in place for Mission Healthy Heidi. Much hemp seed power to your boobs, love! xxxxx

  3. kim

    Pen and paper ready to take your food orders Hidey Hi (or in this tecnological age One note on my Phone).
    Love ya my big brave Sis. xxx

  4. Looks good, yummynever seen these snacks before so going to try them. Sounds like you have an A team and a plan – yes add me to the team though not sure doing what from here but nonetheless. Have you a team list?

    Love Sxxxxx-

    1. Heidi

      You’re already on the team list dearest Sokari. I’m counting on you for your experiences, wisdom, patience and love. All of which you have in spades. xx

  5. Kamila

    Dear Heidi, I just read the post on fb and the whole blog here. I was thinking for a moment where to leave my note with the virtual hugs and kisses and I thought it should be here, where the photo seemed to me to be the ideal recovery package. My cousin went through the disease, too, when she was about 40, now, 10 years after, no sign of relapse.
    I support you from Poland with all my might and … as a thing to start doing while recovering… you can maybe try some Polish or another similarly exotic language?? Dutch???–watching the movies, listening to music in that language could all be part of the plan:) I’ll write you more suggestions if you were interested.
    Kamila-your bosom nuddy linguist

    1. Heidi

      Thanks dear Kamila. I appreciate all the far away love I get. It really helps to know you’re out there and to hear that survival story. And the watching foreign language movies thing is a great idea! Keep that brain working. Any suggestions for Polish ones? xx

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