Busy like a Mayan Goddess


So my wee sister Jo, who is currently in Central America learning permaculture and collecting a ridiculous amount of minor injuries, has been embroidering me this beautiful image of the Goddess Ixchel. I marvel at the love and talent that went into this. Anyway she will be teaching me this amazing skill and also to play the ukelele whilst I am house-bound. It got me thinking about other things I could learn/do while feeling like pants. I have no idea what I’ll be up for, if anything. But it could fun to get your ideas my bosom buds. Hit me.

13 thoughts on “Busy like a Mayan Goddess

  1. kelly

    I can’t wait to see the craft or outcome of what ever you learn. Ive always wanted to learn to sew and make cute things for the boys. Or prefect my knitting.

  2. JOba

    “Hit me”…??? Really Heids I’m not at all sure this would be the best idea in your condition…but I’ll sure as heck do it… if that’s what it takes to be a loving, supportive sister.xxxxxx

  3. Wow, so beautiful ! Well done Jo – no great ideas but extend the art therapy to the home. A friend who is incredible artists only uses stuff she can get for free from wherever or very cheap e.g. scraps of plywood from HomeBase or similar and uses them to create amazing paintings – e.g. palm leaves, well none of those in sunny Ingland but you got bark and leaves. Adam and Lilah can collect them and shells for you to paint or glue or ……Well I tried
    hugs s

  4. Kat

    Knitting? Requires very little brain power or concentration (for simple patterns) and is weirdly satisfying. Try doing The Artists’ Way book to find new creative outlets? And audiobooks and podcasts are great when you are knackered and want to relax and avoid a screen. xxxxxxxx

  5. Heidi

    Kelly, yes I think I will try to make some things for Lilah. Mum is putting together a ‘sewing box’ for me and is gonna gather some patterns. Finally I’m making use of that huge brain of my mother’s and learning her many skills. Katherine, crocheting sounds very interesting. I’m not entirely sure what it is though.. and I have an extremely hot man to gaze at IRL : ) Jo, I am off limits for physical violence but feel free to deliver blows to people who are mean to me. Sokari, I think I will follow your path and do some photography too : ) Kat, hm I’m not sure about knitting. But audiobooks and podcasts are a great idea. Feel free to send me interesting ones. Fab ideas darlings! xx

  6. Heidi

    gonna have a post-yoga bath now (thanks kim and mum for lush goodies) and listen to the curious codes : ) xx

  7. Heidi

    Ah that was truly beautiful. Thank you kat! I really like the moth’s style. I will definitely be listening to it more often. Xx

  8. Karen

    I LOVE Jo’s Goddess embroidery – absolutely gorgeous and inspiring! But I’ve been away for 3 days and offline – so missed my chance to defend knitting in this latest comment thread. First you shun marzipan, then you dis knitting. You’re making a big mistake! Have a look at http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEw14/index.php and see what you think – there’s patterns for everything from a gorgeous scarf to a vegetable balaclava. You need a few basic stitches then it’s just a case of following instructions.

    Also, I accept that you don’t feel the need, but personally, I agree with Kat that looking at pictures of Adrian Brody is a useful tool in the wellbeing kit.

  9. kim

    Wow, thts amazing, she’s getting incredibly crafty recently hey. I know Auntie Phil used to crochet, sure she did things like cardis, so cld always pick her brains. Mum also knows how to knit so you cld pick her brain as well.
    They all sound brill ideas, just remember when you are doing them tht you are doing them to keep you busy, if you getr stressed with them take a break ok!!!
    I think Sokari idea of getting Adam and Lilah to collect things for you is great as its a way for them to feel like they are helping you when they may feel there’s nothing they can do. You are amazingly creative. xxx

    1. Heidi

      Yeh you’re right, it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do if I’m getting stressed out. I have no idea how I will feel on the chemo so no pressure to do any of it! But it’s nice to get some ideas. xx

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