A Genuinely Free Lunch


Falafel salad, homemade houmous, tomato and basil soup and a roll for lunch. Not too shabby. Shame that I’m fasting so I only had the soup and Adam scoffed the rest. But great all the same. Chemo in 15 minutes…

10 thoughts on “A Genuinely Free Lunch

  1. Heidi

    yeh it’s definitely not the food I got at MK general after Lilah’s birth. Adam fed me instant mash and canned sweet corn while there to avoid the horror of hospital food. this is the main bonus of the private folks.

  2. Heidi

    I’m not doing a proper crazy fast. just restricting calories to 400-500 a day for a few days. after a lot of research by my friend Josh (see blog post ‘Bosom Trust’) and chatting with a friend neuroscientist (Nacho), I decided that a bit of rest for the gut would be good for reducing side effects. the chemo drugs target all cells that are in mitosis (replicating) and cancer cells do this more than normal cells. but the drugs kill or damage healthy cells too if they’re replicating. a lot of this goes on in the gut which is why you vomit and feel nauseas.

    so if you dont eat as much, the gut cells don’t need to be as active so less will be killed by chemo, thus saving me some of the nastier side effects. it also has a possibke, but not proven, effect of getting your immune system up and running sooner and perhaps on the efficacy of the drugs. we’ll see…

    1. Sophie Michel

      That sounds way too scientific for me. Good luck for the treatment today anyway. I hope you’re not too frightened.

      1. Heidi

        hah ok. how about this: drugs kill cells. me not eat. gut cells go sleepies. drugs not kill gut cells. me no up chuck ; )

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