Brain Freeze


No, no, no to the cold cap. Its supposed to help with hair loss but is like a 4 hour ice cream headache x 1000!!! Bald head here I come ; p

7 thoughts on “Brain Freeze

    1. Heidi

      yeh I think for some people who are really worried about losing their hair, it would be worth it. I’m not that bothered and it was REALLY horrible so I’m not gonna put myself through it. it would mean the whole day is 2 hours longer as well.

  1. Karen

    I didn’t expect the hot pink styling on the cold cap – it’s like you’ve taken up a bizarre new sport. It does sound too horrible to be worth it. Definitely think you’re doing the right thing, love. You are bloomin amazing (we may have said this before…and we may say it again)

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