Pill Popper


Thought I’d show you all my daily regime of drugs and the drugs for the drugs! Back left is the steroids which are AWESOME!! Keeps me clear headed and vomit free but also kept me up til 2am when I planned my ideal afterlife. This involves my consciousness leaving my body intact, freeing me from those pesky hormones. Then I hang about a bit watching Lilah grow and stalking Adam. See a bit of Earth and then Adam joins me and we go exploring the Universe. I was undecided whether or not I was bothered by a potentiak second wifey joining us but maybe once I’m rid of hormones, all those petty jealousy feelings will be done with. I got into a pickle in the end about whether we’d wait for Lilah as she might have her own family to watch over and just how long can you hover about waiting for kids til you get to find the meaning of existence ; ) Hm. That sounds remarkably like my current existence. Anyway after peeing, I gave up with circular dilemma and fell asleep.

More side effects from the steroids have been constipation, hence the Senakot, and indigestion. Rennnies not pictured. Bottom left is the anti-emitics which seem OK so far. Middle bottom is the injections I have to do at home to boost my immune system. Then in jars along the top are my myriad complementary thingies. Calcium for future possible osteoporosis from the anti-oestrogen drugs. Omega for my brain coz it needs all the help it can get. Curcumin for possible woo\cure for cancer and acidofilus for replenishing my gut bacteria as it gets decimated by chemo.

So there it is. My life savers post-chemo for better or worse. All kept in check by plenty of greens, lots of fluids and fibre up the wazoo ; )

8 thoughts on “Pill Popper

  1. Kat

    Hi babe, your steroids sound like a shamanic trip, if it goes on like this you will have found the secrets of the universe by the time four months is up. Then you will have to decide whether the rest of us are ready to hear it or not. love xxxx

    1. Heidi

      hah yes! I just tried to attempt to slow my steroid-fuelled brain down with some yoga. I failed ; ) it’s just got me more pumped. bloody hell, someone give me an challenge. At this rate I’ll have global economic problems solved by teatime.. ; )

    1. Heidi

      awesome kat darling. Yes I will definitely have a listen to these when I’m doing whatever sewing project I decide to embark on. thank you! xx

  2. Joba

    I reckon I’ll see you up there at some point so if you and adam don’t mind me tagging along I might need one of you to help me work some things out about the meaning of life…I’ve got a few ideas now so we could mull them over, over a nice big existential sized whiskey and perhaps finish it off with a mind blowing atomised version of once more with feeling, with buffy represented as a nebula!x

  3. Sokari

    Goodness, injections! You are brave, I can’t imagine being able to do that.
    The steroid experience brings back memories of a frozen sleep like state for 3 days. I hope after that you will begin to feel better and warm. The meaning of existence? We don’t exist it’s all a dream state of creatures from Pluto. Or we are actually spirits from the ocean bed floating around in our imaginations or something !!!!

  4. Heidi

    OMG I fricking LOVE these ideas!!! we should all do steroids together and sort all this existential shit out! I promise steroids are much better than 10 years ago, Sokari. Although maybe it is just dependent on body chemistry. I just feel so damn clear. Well maybe pick your mind bending drug of choice, although it sounds like even being straight you’re coming up with some out there ideas ; ) love you both and especially your incredible brains. xxx

  5. sokari

    Maybe you will have some left over LOL! We could have a ‘pill popper’ party, bring your own whatever makes you float. You sound on a good high right now so enjoy

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