More peeking, less peaky

I’ve just seen the oncology team and they told me my CT scan of my bowel is clear, so no infections. Phew! Just in case of anything missed, I’m still on intravenous antibiotics. I’ll be in here one more night for monitoring and then another white cell count in the morning. If the wee baby blood cells are learning to walk and talk and kill, then I’ll be released by lunchtime.

On the plus side, I was supposed to get a CT scan next week to see if the pesky cancer went to my lungs. The amazingly efficient radiographer spotted this appointment and just did it today along with the scan of my tummy. The NHS at its efficient best! The nurse told me not to tell anyone, lest their bad rep be ruined forever. The even better news than this is that the scan of my lungs showed zero metastised cancer. Toot fricking toot!! One massive worry removed. I really can’t imagine why I have an upset tummy ; p

And bonus points for the rather wonderful side effects from the contrast dye at the CT scan. As the dye pumped, I got the most incredible sensation of warmth as if slowly sipping a wee dram of whisky. All over my body. Thus claiming the prize for ‘awesomest side effect ever.’

10 thoughts on “More peeking, less peaky

  1. Adam B

    Wee dram of whisky. If I ever learn to play an instrument I’ll already have my band name picked out. You British people talk funny English.

  2. Varpu

    Whoot whoot for the CT scans!! Hopefully the white blood sells woman up soon and you’ll get a ‘Get out of jail /hospital free’ card! I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed! Hugs xxx Varpu

  3. kim

    Thank god for tht,about time this family got a piece of good news. Soo glad for you Heidi, big weight of the shoulders I bet. Well done to the cardiologist saving the nhs money and saving you from not having to wonder but also saving you from having to the visit the hospital next week. Keep positive Sis,you are doing fantastic. Xxxx

  4. joba

    Get me summa THAT whiskey do! so bloody relieved its not in the ole lungos. All my love darlin. Not long now till a proper hug.xxxx

  5. tammy williams

    “Toot, frigging toot” for sure!!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY.
    I too give kudos to the NHS, as you well remember, they pretty much saved my life – well, did in fact save my life no questions asked. No denying they have their problems, but I will be forever grateful!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Karen

    That is so fantastic – what great news!! And so inspiring to hear what wonderful people have been looking after you there.

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