Peeked too soon


I write this from A&E. I had a raised temperature and was feeling a bit unwell (more unwell than side effecty) so I went into the hospital just to be on the safe side. This is a bit of a calculated risk as the hospital is a potentially lethal zone with no immune system. But they saw me straight away and the doctor told me to berate anyone not donning gloves and apron.

They took lots and lots of blood for testing. So my white blood count turns out to be 0.1 which is about as low as it can be. This is fairly usual but as well as feeling unwell means any infection or virus can get out of control quickly. So a very quick dose of antibiotics and I’m to be admitted for the night to keep an eye. Hopefully to the oncology ward so I’ll be a bit more protected from bugs. This does make me slightly nervous as I’m sure its not the cheeriest place to be.

On the plus side, my platelet count is OK so I won’t bleed to death. And the junkies are SUPER friendly ; p

7 thoughts on “Peeked too soon

  1. sokari

    Ah so thats why you disappeared from FB!! Am relieved to know you won’t bleed to death [that sense of humour again despite being ‘slightly nervous’ and super friend junkies – who are they by the way, sorry dont get that one.

    Hopefully by the time I return here tomorrow you are OK and back in your warm home eating chocky biscuits and / or drinking hot chocolate and maybe a bit of something really strong – like vodka shots?

    1. Heidi

      hi darling. 4am and not much sleep in store for me tonight. There was no room at the Inn so I’m in the isolation room in A&E for the night. Damn sick people keep buzzing for help, so I’m kept conscious by this insistent beeping. The friendly junkies, well OK junkie, was a damaged young woman who liked to wander and hang out in other people’s areas and was convinced the staff were sexually assaulting her. So you know friendly in that uniquely fooked up junkie way.

      Anyway the staff are awesome and the antibiotics are flowing. I should indeed be home tomorrow but alas only broth and dry crackers await me. I’m really jonesing for a slap up all night dinner out on a beach somewhere warm, with all my fav people. Beeeeeep ; P

  2. sokari

    Just seeing the photo which didn’t load before – So lovely to see you with Lilah and Lilah with you, taking care of you. Beautiful photo my dear. I wish you well and home tomorrow love to you all

  3. Kat

    Hey babe sounds like you did the right thing getting yourself seen straight away, well done. Even though horrible to have to spend a sleepless night in hospital just when you thought you were getting over the worst of the chemo effects! Here’s to today, a better day, at home with your peeps. And we will have that slap up meal on the beach my love, don’t you worry.
    love Kat xxxxxx

  4. Katherine

    Lots of love Heidi, keep your pecker up kidda. You’re in the trenches love, a cheery outlook must be maintained! Worse things happen at sea etc etc! Much love and hugs darling lady xxxx

  5. Belen

    Hold on Heidi! wish you are out soon – you are being very brave and it’s been a tough first chemo – I love to see you with Lilah, big hug to you three

  6. Karen

    Great to see Lilah is taking good care of you there! Hoping you’re feeling better now. I am so glad you’re being looked after so well. xxxxxxx

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