A Tiny Scratch


“Just a tiny scratch.” That’s how the health profession prepare you to be jabbed with a needle, regardless of its length or width. One of my nurses let slip that they were retrained to call it a ‘scratch’ rather than the previously used ‘tiny prick’ to avoid offending anyone. Normally I’m all for the reinvention of archaic language forms in favour of new inclusive ones, but this change ruffled my accuracy feathers. Because it isn’t a ‘scratch’ feeling at all and could lead to all sorts of befuddled pain reactions. You go in expecting a scratch and you get, well you get.. a prick. Unless you’re getting a cannula inserted and then they should say, “Just an agonising ripping feeling.”

I bring this up because today was my first unsupervised self injection. I did it in hospital yesterday under the watchful and insistent gaze of the head nurse. It isn’t as bad as all that actually and another one to scrub off the bucket list. I have now officially given myself a tiny prick ; )

3 thoughts on “A Tiny Scratch

  1. Karen

    Congratulations on your tiny prick, Heidi!!! Very funny to hear about the censuring of nurse’s vocabulary!

  2. sokari

    Hmm – yes lets forget the last comment but with you on the language. Is scratch supposed to be less scary than prick? Or is there a more sinister reason!

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