Karma payback


Finally made it to town for the first time since chemo day and was rewarded with these awesome shoes in the bargain bin for £5! I’m not really a shoe girl and shopping for footwear has always been a painful process. So this was doubly karmic, savings on pounds and emotional trauma. I did push a little bit too far by daring to walk a whole extra block to a cafe. For which I am paying in devastating tiredness. I can’t go to bed too early or I will be up with the seagulls. So I’m persevering until at least 11pm which feels like an age away. Keep me company?

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  1. lisa

    Im always a good bet for night owl company if you fancy internet nattering, i usually go to bed ridiculously late
    very lovely shoes, what cafe did you head out to, we dont have good cafes here really, thats one of the many lovely things about Brighton.
    Tonight im on the computer late as im waiting for news from the Norfolk coast where Eva is probably currently finishing her hot chocolate and failing to go to sleep on her geography and adventure trip with school. They headed off at 9 this morning and come home Friday tea time. It feels like a long time. We are really spolied though, in previous years they have had to wait till the end of each day for one long email but this year for the first time they have a twitter feed and we’ve had photos all day can over obsess to our hearts content about what they are doing.
    How are you feeling generally today, apart from the exhaustion right now. Sounds from your wonderful posts like this month has been more positive. We’d really like to come down and see you and do some house stuff if it would help. When might be good?

    1. Heidi

      hallo fellow night woman. lovely to have your company. we went to this new Korean cafe and Lilah had her first Bim Bam Bop which is worth eating just for the name. I had a vegan bento that had 5 different kinds of mushrooms! it was scrummy although I’m not sure it was worth the exhaustion. Brighton is amazing for cafe culture.

      Eek I don’t look forward to the day when Lilah goes off overnight : ( I’m with you in worry.

      it would be awesome to see you my lovely. the next orange weekend is 11/12th April. is that any good to you? xxx

  2. lisa

    whats a bim bam bop??? the 11th April my dad is visiting, which weekend is the next one?
    I need to check which weeknds Im working, i do about one a month which is not too awful.
    i could do some batch cooking for your freezer what sort of things would be useful, what do you all like to eat?
    not that i am a very good cook, its all healthy and made from scratch but my children are very forgiving. Where in Brighton are you living? we were camping quite near last October and popped down for the afternoon to the beach and i had forgotten how lovely it is, i miss the sea here,

    1. Heidi

      Bim Bam Bop is just picking the ingredients you want like a deli counter with rice or noodles. Ours was served in an awesome glam gold plastic pan.

      the following weekend is a green one so 18/19th April? oooh a batch of homecooked food sounds perfect! stews, casseroles and soups would be perfect. we’re living in Kemptown near Sussex square. yeh its amazing living by the sea. I can’t imagine living inland now and whenever I head away, my tensions start rising. I don’t think I’ll ever leave here. xxx

  3. Kat

    Oh great you found some shoes! Very satisfying.
    And great to hear you are able to have some fun right now, even if you do have a bit of a price to pay with the tiredness. Hopefully some of those times will help you get you through some of the more frustrating days.
    Am on whatsapp if you want to natter. If not, sleep well new shoe lady!

    1. Heidi

      hehe yes, now I can finally chuck out the shoes with rips all up the back ; ) you’re right, these ‘normal’ days are to be cherished. I shall lock them into memory.

      I also bought two dinner plates from the flea market in the usual turquoise shade. very pleased with those too even if the man who sold them insisted on an anti-green party diatribe ; p


    1. Heidi

      24th is firmly in the red zone but 1/2nd may is orange and 8/9th may is green : ) I’m excited you’re using my anal colour coding!

  4. lisa

    i like a good colour coded system.
    let me check my work rota and get back to you,
    you should get some sleep now love, i have to admit im going to watch poldark, i know
    sweet dreams
    speak soon, im nearly always around at this time of day
    lots of love

    1. Heidi

      thanks for the cyber company luv. I just had some spicy noodles and am super stimulated ; ) xxx

  5. Daphne

    Nice high-tops!
    I’m nursing a cold here on the other side of the planet where it’s still day time, and trying to get my bored teenager to a) learn how to cook; b) clean up his stinky room; c) stop playing video games on his entire spring break; and d) read a book.
    Assuming they aren’t burned to a crisp and too salty, would you like some chocolate chip cookies, made by my boy, sent your way?

    1. Heidi

      oh Daphne sorry you have the sniffles! hope you feel better soon. haha that list sounds pretty universal for kids! I would love some cookies but I doubt that your lovely boy has mastered vegan baking ; ) lovely thought and I’ll munch on the love the offer was made with. xxx

  6. sokari

    Oops missed out on this especially since my time zone would mean your night is my evening. ! The BIM BAM sounds awesome – reminds me of the place we went in Nairobi back in 07 – a life away. I am now eating mushrooms like whatever only eats mushrooms as apparently they are full of Vitamin D. If you have any suggestions on the Curcumin that would be appreciated.

    well its 9.45 here so I guess you will be asleep now?

    1. Heidi

      ah yes the most wonderful Indian restaurant in Nairobi! the memory of that night, the food, the sparkling company, is so strong I can taste it. what a joyous night that was. you know they have a sister restaurant in london. maybe a future visit?

      yeh I stayed up and waited for hubby and we hung out and I ended up getting some energy from that and went to bed at 1am! but I had the best sleep ever so it was worth it.

      the curcumin I take in tablet form and Adam did a huge amount of research. there’s a lot of snake oil out there and Adam got the stuff they used in the most effective trials. we get one from a company called Longvida. you should be able to get it there because it was used in a UCLA study. it is a bit pricey though. there’s also some success with cannabinoids. I’m not sure if its legal in Florida but probably can get it shipped from another. you can get medicinal stuff with the THC removed so it won’t make you wonky everyday.

      let me know if you need more info. xxxx

  7. Karen

    nice shoes, lady! I am totally not a night owl these days – I go to bed about 9pm at the moment and then am up early to look at cows udders! Seem to be knackered by about 4pm. But feeling livelyish at the crack of dawn! Glad you’ve got a lovely posse of night owls to have good chats in the wee small hours. xxxx

  8. Mike

    Nice shoes. I share your shoe shopping pain and can totally sympathise with the delight of a bargain find that you like. “That’ll sort me out for another year” is normally my sigh of relief!

    I am laughing so hard at your Bim Bam Bop!! Having a half Korean girlfriend I hope I am right in saying what Lilah actually ate was bibim bap! ‘Bap’ just means rice (kim bap is Korean sushi) and ‘bibim’ means mixed. This is one of our favourite dishes and you have to eat it properly too! It often comes beautifully presented with all the separate ingredients laid out and what you have to do is put chili sauce on and mix it all up together in a big mess and then eat it! Isy is usually a bit OCD with her food touching and this is the only meal she will eat with it all mushed together because she feels it is ‘officially allowed’ 😉

    Much love to you and Adam and Lilah.

    1. Heidi

      Ha ha that’s so funny. I will again blame chemo-brain but I think I prefer my version and henceforth all of Korea should adopt the Bim Bam Bop as their national dish ; p

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