Sorry no exciting chemo pics today folks. I couldn’t find anything that inspired me as it’s all getting normalised. Same old problem finding a vein for the cannula. Boring old Herceptin injection. Tedious sitting around with drip, drip, dripping miracle medicine/poison into my body. I guess it’s good that it has all become very ordinary.

I did have a nice visit from my friend Becky and that shook things up a bit. I also managed to blindside the nurse at the end by asking her why loss of undercarriage hair would change the direction and flow of my pee stream. It has been a messy business of late and lots of women talk about this same thing on the forums. The chemo nurse was clueless so either it is imaginary ‘wonky widdling’ or I have seriously violated some taboo or other.

So I’m feeling pooped in a been on a train all day kind of way. I’m now relaxing with Lilah and Jo watching Snoopy. Okay I’ve run out of words. But the most important ones are sitting nicely. Half way there.

6 thoughts on “Half-way

  1. Karen

    Half Way There!!!! Wow – that’s a great thought! Thinking of you tonight and hoping you’re having a cosy and relaxed time with your family. Sending you so much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Oh and wonky widdling!!! I never heard of it! I am learning so much. I remember hearing that Lemmy from Motorhead peed like a watering can after getting some piercings done, but other than that….


    Half way is great news and hope today’s treatment goes smoothly compared to previous ones. I see you have a chemo treatment on 13th May so that might be when I visit. Hmm I think the undercarriage kind of holes the pee so it flows in straight down DUH – not sure what I’m talking about, my memory fails at this point!

  3. Kat

    Hurray for halfway! I imagine it must be hard to blindside a nurse, they’ve seen it all, so well done. big love xxxx
    PS Karen the image of Lemmy’s watering-can is hilariously unforgettable. Yikes!

  4. Heidi

    hahaha thanks for metal head widdling stories. that makes me feel less wonky for some reason and more hardcore.

    yes this is something to investigate. the nurse was certainly uninformed in this crucial area. and now uou mention it, twas indeed quite fun to see her a bit flustered ; )

    wonder if women who have Brazilians have the same issue..

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