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Following on from my disastrous encounter with post-apocalyse movies, please post your recommendations for heartwarming, funny, feel good alternatives..

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  1. kevin

    We Are The Best – amazing, hearty warming, feminist story of teenage girls in Sweden in the 80s starting a punk band. So good, and on netflix

    1. Heidi

      I just watched this and it was PERFECT! I got so inspired by them that I got dressed! thank

  2. Sophie Michel

    Le premier jour du reste de ma vie, l’arnacoeur, les garçons et Guillaume à table.
    Colin loved them.

  3. Daphne

    Knocked Up. Bridesmaids and 40-year-Old Virgin I found funny. And Louis C.K. Is pretty hilarious, if a bit over the top. Loved Russell Brand’s Messiah Complex.

  4. Lisa

    October Skies (based on a true story; if you want to read the memoirs, let me know and I’ll share those as well)
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    The Princess Bride
    Ever After (with Drew Barrymore)
    27 Dresses
    The Hundred Foot Journey (also read the book!)
    Also, any of The Marx Brothers movies. Outdated, but still filled with hilarious one-liners and great schtick.
    Rocky Horror Picture Show for just sheer goofiness. Might not want to watch it with Lilah, though.


  5. Heidi

    wonderful peeps. I haven’t heard of some of these. luckily for me, heartwarming isn’t a genre I’ve explored much so plenty of unwatched treats in store.. xxx

    1. Lisa

      Oh, I forgot some others –
      Young Frankenstein
      The Addams Family
      Back to the Future (all three movies; just plain silly. But then, silliness has great healing powers)

  6. Kat

    How about taking your medicinal herbs and watching Mel Brooks’ The Producers with Adam? xxxx

  7. lisa

    we are slightly addicted to having DVDs sent to the house so watch far too many, recent hearwarming favorites include The first grader, Last Vegas – extremely silly but funny, Midnight in Paris, Alices restuarant, Inside im dancin, g rust and bone was good but not cheery, otherwise i think all these will just leave you quite happy, have you seen what to do in case of fire because if not you must,
    looking forward to seeing you

  8. kim

    Hiya missus, saw a clip today of Sister Act 2, both those films always get me singing! Bridesmaid was really funny,although don’t think Spen would agree wiv me lol. If you want to watch a bit of eye candy there’s always Magic Mike

  9. Letty

    yes to fluffy!
    Netflix – peep show, Derek, fresh meat, ferris buellers day off, Kings speech, lost in translation, mighty boosh, Zoolander, meet the fockers, live at the Apollo, the inbetweeners, mr & Mrs smith, Wayne’s world, also first dates on ch.4 is pretty good in a wrong way.
    Swerve the baby eaters, no one needs that!

  10. Paula

    Hi honey,
    I see you’ve been flooded while I have been furiously typing away on my dissertation.
    There are some pretty good suggestions, but I’d leave out the gory ones, even if funny. Guts can be too much. I know you’re a Buffy fan, but still…
    I would advise a Buster Keaton marathon to warm up the heart. And when you’re done, here’s a tiny list of good comedies with no sight of blood or disease:
    – “Some like it hot”, by Billy Wilder (ok, there’s a gangster right at the beginning, but it’s in a “gangster movie-look”, thus…);
    – “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” with Ben Stiller is very sweet and harmless and has some very good jokes about believing in work as a productive force;
    – “Fading Gigolo” by John Turturro with Woody Allen is very politically incorrect (as the title suggests) but I found it to be a very interesting film about love;
    – “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is filmed in sunny LA and Hawaii and has some pretty good jokes mainly targeted at the Hollywood production system and its aura (unless you’re a Russel Brand hater);

    Sorry I can’t do much more right now. I really have to go back to writing.
    I wish I could watch some of these with you eating chips and humus,

  11. Mike

    I always recommend ‘A Box of Moonlight’.

    Also Isy and I just re-watched ’10 Things I Hate About You’ – very cheesy but fun.

    And of course there’s always Mallrats!!

    enjoy x x x

  12. Mike

    Wow, that image came out bigger than I expected!!! Was just supposed to be my avataar type thing 😉

  13. Hello hello! Here’s my feelgood list. Bonus points for movies that pass the Bechdel test too.
    – Bridesmaids was mentioned already, as was The Princess Bride… I second those. Then:
    – TV series: 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation. 30 Rock has slightly edgier humour and features Tina Fey, New York, showbiz and Alec Baldwin being a fantastically OTT Capitalist Jack Donaghy (jack: “Then we’ll proceed with the war against the poor.” Tina: “What?” Jack: “I mean, the war on poverty.”). Warms up at Season 2. Parks & Rec has Amy Poehler play the overwhelmingly positive Leslie Knope in small-town municipal bureaucracy. And apparently Fey has made a new series – only on Netflix! – called Unbreakable Someone Someone, which I would binge watch if I had Netflix.
    – Also New Girl is lovely. It’s both funny and sweet AND covers contemporary man’s struggle to redefine masculinity.
    – The Cornetto Trilogy with Simon Pegg? They barely pass the Bechdel but they’re quite endearing, especially Shaun of the Dead. These do contain the zombie apocalypse etc, but nobody seems very fazed by it.
    – How about some 80s/90s highschool comedy? Clueless, Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, that stuff where everyone’s dancing, Step Up?
    – Don’t overlook animation. The créme de la créme is of course Studio Ghibli’s Japanese handcrafted animé – just skip Grave of the Fireflies, which covers the firebombing of Tokyo in WW2 and miserable orphans starving to death. Many of the recent Disneys and Pixars are also clever and enjoyable. But with a daughter I expect you know that. And hey! Aardman Animation! The Pirates! in an adventure with Scientists! for example.
    – Amelie!
    – Everything by Baz Luhrman, especially Strictly Ballroom. So camp! So much fun!
    – Have you seen Alejandro Jodorowsky’s off-this-planet movie The Holy Mountain? The man is clearly mad and that film… uhh… exuberant lunatic with an unlimited budget. 1969. There’s one or two hectic scenes (most notably a flash of a procession of flayed crucified dog carcasses). But most of the time we’re given some vague excuse to watch a scene with glitter and mosaic and naked men and pelicans wandering around a palace, or a green highrise stuffed with green-clad elderly extras, or a recreation of the Aztec Conquest with toads and iguanas dressed as Conquistadors and Aztecs respectively, or some scene featuring a gratuitous baby hippo in a fountain. Maybe you could watch this with the sound off, in 20-minute snatches when you want distraction; there’s no point trying to follow the ‘plot’. (I recently saw a documentary about Jodorowsky’s failed attempt to make a movie of Dune… in 1967… There seems to exist a documentary sub-genre about movies that were never made – I’m working on it and have so far seen Jodorowsky’s Dune and ‘Lost in La Mancha’ about Terry Gilliam failing to make ‘Don Quijote’.)
    – Hadley Freeman’s movie list at the end of ‘Be Awesome’ is also pretty good. Heavy on the 80s-90s comedy. And something called ‘Auntie Mame’ which I haven’t got round to watching yet.
    – The Monty Pythons? The Holy Grail for example. “I’m being oppressed!!! Come see the violence inherent in the system!!” hahahahaha plus the Rabbit with Very Big Teeth.
    – I liked ‘Couscous’: food, female solidarity, entrepreneurship, underdog, fantastic finale.
    OK that’ll cover about 80 hours of watching, let me seek inspiration for more during that time. Hugs!

    1. Heidi

      bloody hell Linda thank you for that! gratuitous baby hippos and bechdel test passers sounds perfect for my state of mind. I am finding patriarchy tedious lately ; p xxx

  14. Heidi

    Hah Linda, I want to see a video of you removing yourself from a conversation that doesn’t pass the test ; p I’m actually gorging on female centred fantasy/sci-fi. Some of it is better than others.. Lost Girl, Bitten, Orphan Black, Once Upon a Time. xx

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