MRI today

Just about to leave for the MRI to get an accurate lump size. Honestly, I am not looking forward to it as the MRI is the most unpleasant of all scans. Added to it is the fact of my hairless nostrils which may mean a puddle of snot left behind in their million dollar machine ; p Thank you cancer for this new humiliation. Onward.

6 thoughts on “MRI today

  1. Karen

    Oh love!! So sorry you’ve got to go through the MRI again. You are an amazing woman, getting on with it all in such a stoical way. I’m sending you a massive massive hug. Hoping your brainwaves are mellow and zen-like, despite the clanging machine you’ve got to go through. But got to say I like the thought of blessing their million dollar machine with your snot. Think of it as getting your own back! Will be thinking of you folks. Have started packing for coming to see you!!

  2. Caroline

    Sending you loads of strength and love, sweetness. As Karen says, you are so extraordinarily stoical, and going through this crazy journey so bafflingly brilliantly. Let a few blobs of snot help you slide through the MRI scanner super quickly. And if it’s any consolation I’ve had to wipe my runny nose on my sleeve more than one recently while I sort out both boys. So I’ll join you in a BogeyWoman party when I next see you! Parcel should be with you today or tomorrow c xxx

  3. Paula

    Hi darling,
    What’s a bit of snot left behind for someone who has had a child and probably left all kinds of other stuff behind (not saying you did) in the hands of the midwife (not saying I did, either). Just saying…
    You know there are quite some artists working with MRI right now? Mainly in the realm of artistic research in collaborations with neuroscientists. Oh, and btw, I am now advising on art subsidies, so, whenever you’re bored, let me know and I’ll write you with some questions about applications…
    For now, I am sending you all the courage I can conceive of and will be thinking of you, wishing for the best results possible.
    Super love,

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