Take that MRI machine

after MRII made it. The MRI is done, for now. This is moi after it was all over, complete with rather attractive pad marks on my cheeks and forehead. I must say, this MRI was not as bad as the last one. I wasn’t sure if knowing what was coming would work for me or against me. I think it was the former. This time instead of trying to ignore what was happening, I embraced it. I did some mindfulness and focused on the sounds of the machine rather than try to drown them out with Alicia Keyes lyrics coming through my headphones. Actually it turned out to be pretty hard to hear the music anyway. Imagine sounds alternating between a drill, a laser sound effect from a fifties B-movie and (weirdly) a really loud pair of scissors cutting fabric. In your ears, for 28 minutes.

But it did work better and I stayed much calmer this time. And no SNOT! Thank goodness for Benedryl. I did warn the nurses I may leave a puddle of drippiness and they looked so unimpressed with my potential bodily fluid evacuation, that I surmise they’ve seen much, much worse things come out of a human body inside their machinery.

I am supposed to have an appointment with my oncologist to discuss the results. They really just want a more accurate scan to tell if the lump has shrunk as the ultrasound is notoriously unreliable. Frankly the whole thing is a bit of a Dark Art. But the nurse warned me that the scan won’t be reported on (seen by a radiologist) by tomorrow, so she called my doc and I won’t be going in. She’ll phone me with the results, probably next week.

Anyway MRI machine, I have loosened your grip on me. You will no longer keep me awake worrying about being eaten by you, or having previously unknown bits of metal ripped from my body with your magnety powers. I have listened closely to your deafening bangs, clangs and hollers and I am unperturbed. Never will you frighten me again, you big bully of a medical marvel.


11 thoughts on “Take that MRI machine

  1. Lisa

    You have vanquished the MRI machine! Go forth and conquer all, O Fearless One. And yay for no snot!

  2. Heidi

    Yeh Caroline, mindfulness is truly powerful stuff. And veeeeeery interesting that what worked was focusing in on the source of stress.. (stroke of chin). xx

  3. Caroline

    Indeed. But for many identifying the real source of the stress is practically impossible. Your strength wins again. C xxx

  4. kim

    Ah Hides glad you’ve got rid of tht particular fear and worry. Fingers crossed on the results.

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