Rice is Nice

freezer foodRight we’re in full-on prep mode for Chemo No.4 on Wednesday. I just spent the evening filling up a drawer in our new (second hand, thank you Nanny) fridge freezer. Not only do I feel like a proper grown up, it helps to feel in more control of the chaos that is about to be wreaked on my body. When the nausea hits, there’s very few foodstuffs I can tolerate. I feel like the characters in Goodness Gracious Me.. “I’ll have the BLANDEST thing on the menu.” Except I can’t go bland AND stodgy because then, well.. there’ll be repercussions that rhyme with miles ; p

On the menu for this week is cauliflower and almond soup. Who knew you could put nuts in soup? It’s a fricking revelation. Then frozen mango and pineapple for lassis. And Mum-cooked potato gratin. I did have some delicious bran muffins and peanut cookies from the gorgeous Sam but I’m afraid they were too yummy and didn’t make it into the drawer. Also to be cooked is mushroom risotto and pasta and pesto for nausea-lite days. What I wouldn’t give for vegan rice pudding I can just buy in pots though as it’s a pain in the ass to cook in small portions.

I was skeptical about rice, thinking it was all starch and would bung up vital processes. But apparently the stuff is awesome for both runny and stuck poos. It is soluble fibre so works fantastically for contradictory issues. It’s all about rice this week.


14 thoughts on “Rice is Nice

  1. lisa

    i will make you rice pudding and freeze it in portions now you have a freezer, what else would you like me to prepare and bring, makes more sense if you tell me what you fancy eating. I make rice pudding with coconut milk, does that work for you? how do you feel about cinamon, that might detract from the bland

  2. Heidi

    Wow Lisa, you’re so cool! Just bringing the rice pudding would be amazing and yeh I reckon leave out the cinnamon. Coconut milk sounds perfect as that’ll get more calories into me. Also it brings the added bonus of making me feel like a kid again, warm and cosy. Double bonus! Can’t wait to see you my friend.. xxx

  3. lisa

    if you think of anything else that would work in freezer bag portions just let me know
    really looking forward to seeing you too and meeting Lilah, xx

  4. Lisa

    Without too many gory details being shared, due to years of mild irritable bowel syndrome, I’ve found rice to be perfect for calming a stomach that refuses all else. I understand you’re vegan, but sometimes I cook the rice in chicken broth for a little added flavor.

    What about mashed potatoes? They’re my go-to comfort food, right after rice.

    LOVE the idea of bags of frozen pineapple. My appetite is zilch and I keep trying to find things that appeal. Feels like a picky toddler working their way through a grocery store: “This? Hm…no. (tosses behind her, moves on)” “What about bananas? You usually like bananas.” “HATE bananas. Hate bean soup. Hate all of it.” Then again, I’m not hungry, so I’m fine with food refusal right now!

    Seltzer water with lime. Now that’s an idea! No nutritional value, but who cares?!

    1. Heidi

      Oh yes Lisa, the whole taste thing is a nightmare! during the nausea all bets are off and I can only handle a few foods. my poor sister made me potato and leek soup and I nearly vomited. I think it was the leeks. anything oniony is a disaster, especially garlic.

      When the nausea passes I can’t taste much of anything at all. I made a cauliflower soup last week and added so much salt that Lilah refused to eat it. And she’s a salt monkey! Yes I think lime is one flavour that seems to have stayed and also lemon for me. I’ve been munching down tabouleh.

      yeh mashed potato is great for comfort, not so great for keeping things flowing in the intestines ; p xx

  5. Karen

    that’s so funny, I was having rice pudding last night with my mum and we were just saying that might be a good thing to cook for you!! Can’t wait to see you later, love. xxxxxxxx

  6. joba

    Ha..I actually like the sound of all of them! Look out for an email today with lots of herbal bits and pieces that you can put together too for those symptoms you’ve told me about. I’ll be making the rest with Lilah pants when I get down to you.xxxx

  7. Sokari

    You are so organized so well researched you could become a professional Task Rabbit for cancer patients but I have a feeling you might want to keep as far away once this is over

    Q: are the nuts while are grated or blended into soup?

    1. Heidi

      Hah I will be the Delia of cancer ; p

      The nuts are added once the cauliflower is tender and whizzed in a high speed blender. I made the mistake of not taking off the skin though and now there’s brown bits in it. doesn’t look good but tastes mmmmmmm..

  8. kim

    Interesting and useful fact we learnt about almonds recently, they are quite high in melatonin, so are good if you are having trouble sleeping. Been giving Lukie Almond milk before bed and he seems to be settling easier. So those nights your struggling to sleep Heidi nite be worth trying a warm glass of almond milk.

    1. Heidi

      Ah good idea. I’ll give that a go sis : ) Also on the non-sleepy kids front. We just discovered this really cool app that plays calming sounds like frogs croaking, stream babbling, dolphins talking, that sort of thing. Lilah passes out in 20 minutes and doesn’t wriggle about or resist. Dunno if it’s something you’ve already tried.. xxx

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