MRI results

Hi peeps. A quickie to let you know that my oncologist called to tell me they don’t think the lump has shrunk but apparently it’s flatter. To me that’s a shrinkage win so I’ll take it. It was kinda what I had been feeling for myself, that it’s more oval shaped and spikier. Good to know that my untrained hands are as accurate as any machine that goes ping (or clang, bang, pew-pew in this case). I also asked for a different anti-emetic (stops vomiting/nausea) because frankly the other one isn’t doing its job. I have yet to be offered the alleged Gold Standard drug Emend that all the ladies on the forums rave about. If this new anti-emetic doesn’t work, then I may start becoming a pushy patient and ask for the good stuff.

Anyway I had a first meet up with two other lovely womenfolk who have the dreaded disease too and it was very nice. We gossiped about slightly rubbish breast cancer nurses, wonky boobs, chemo curls and one showed us her new party trick of flexing her one boob like Arnie as she got a reconstruction with back muscle. So now she has one boob all muscley and the other was remade with fat from her belly. So when she puts on weight, her one boob gets bigger too! Ah the things I may have to look forward too ; p

So I’m waiting on the arrival of the lovely bosomer, Karen from Scotland. And I think here she is. Toot, toot and a big wahey : )

9 thoughts on “MRI results

  1. kim

    Yep,I wld take flatter as shrinkage as well,its changed I size so that’s a win in my book.
    I’ve never heard of a reconstruction with back muscle,althou to be fair I’ve never heard of one wiv stomach fat,wonder why they did two parts of the body and parts tht are so different as well.

    Hope your next meet up goes well Missus. Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Caroline

    Flatter is surely got to be a result. Whoop whoop! And hoorah for Karen! Lots of love, C xxx

  3. Heidi

    Yeh Kim and Caroline, I’m in the flatter is better club fo’ sure ; ) Kim, I’m not entirely sure why she elected to do it that way but it makes for an interesting party trick.. xx

  4. JOba

    Great news darlin! I’ll look into any herbs that are anti emetic too, part from the famed ginger. hows those tablets going for you?x

    1. Heidi

      cool. I didn’t find the capsules worked very well. the most effective thing that worked was the stem ginger but I don’t know if it was the sugar or the ginger. I’ve found sucking sugary lollies to help. Any help for nausea would be great..

  5. Kat

    Glad it’s having some effect on the tumour, and hope that knowledge helps with the next round. Big love to you all, and Karen too. xxx

  6. sokari

    Hi my dear, yes lets take flattened as shrinkage – I’m sure you are already at the hospital as I write. Wishing you a better experience and the right drugs for this 4th chemo session.

  7. Paula

    Hi darling,

    Flatter is definitely very hopeful as a result. Fingers and toes crossed over here.
    As for stuff that helps with nausea, hemp has quite a few options or so I’ve heard…
    Jokes aside, I really hope you get the meds right even if you should sound pushy.

    Love and cuddles,

    1. Heidi

      totally all over the hemp products ; ) and I just realised that I’ve been cocking up one of my nausea drugs so maybe things will be easier this time! xxx

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