Coffee & Chemo


Here’s my chemo crew for No.4. They’re an awesome bunch. After another challenging vein finding mission, we got there after an hour and half. The nurse was so jubilent she was after some champers to celebrate. She gets a cancer gold star for not randomly poking me with needles.

I’ve also taken up drinking coffee again after reading this in the Daily Fail. I can’t quite believe that I’m taking medical advice from this source but turns out they reported the original study accurately. Who would have guessed this was possible ; p

coffee at chemo

Here I am enjoying a lovely soya latte for the first time since diagnosis. It did feel wrong to order a smoothie in cafes so all has been turned the right way round again in the world of public beverages.

I may disappear for a wee while as I enter Side Effect Hell but I’ll be back with you soon my Bosomers. And feel free to message me. It’s great in the middle of my darkest days to feel loved and thought about.

8 thoughts on “Coffee & Chemo

  1. Katherine

    Aw hon hope youre OK. Remember we are all right behind you metaphorically holding your hair as you vom like a tearful jilted teenager after too much cider xxxxxx

  2. tammy

    We love you kiddo and GREAT BIG CHEERS to your Chemo team and another to your nurse!! Think you’ll ALL deserve some bubbly when things settle down. Meantime, suck up that coffee girl!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tammy and Emilyxoxoxoxo

    1. Heidi

      Thanks lovely woman! I’m not sure about alcohol anymore luv, it’s a bit of a no-no for cancer prevention. But I’m definitely enjoying other previously considered bad habits, like coffee and medicinal herbage : ) miss you peeps! xxx

  3. Lisa

    Thinking lots of good thoughts that the nausea demons decide to go on vacation this time around! <3

    1. Heidi

      Ha ha if only. I can feel the lurches already. definitely getting earlier each time which is to be expected as it’s cumulative. But I feel more prepared. Got extra drugs and frozen food ready. Sucking down bulking agents to counteract the constipation.. ah I’m ready. Bring it! xx

  4. Mike

    Wow, 4th round already! You are doing so well 🙂

    Good luck and lots of love. Great to see your smiling support crew. Shame I can’t drink solidarity coffee with you, it still makes me feel sick – but I’m a tea man at heart, so think of me when you next have a proper brew 😉

    x x x x

    1. Heidi

      yeh I’m getting there, one day at a time. well we can drink solidarity caffeinated hot beverages together anyway my dearest.. xxx

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