In for the night

Just a quick update to let you know that the doctor has just been around. My neutrophils haven’t changed so I’m not going anywhere today. They gave me the immune booster GCSF injection so hopefully by tomorrow all will be well. I’m feeling tired but OK. I’m now looking forward to my NHS silken tofu stroganoff..

3 thoughts on “In for the night

  1. Paula

    I am now writing after the chronotope which is a unit of space-time conceptualized by Einstein, applied by Bakhtin in literature and later by Stam in Cinema. To cut a long story short I thought about you and how all this will become a chronotope in your memory when you look back at it from the future.
    Enjoy your creamy dinner.
    Love from my studio where I am locked up in my own chronotopical dissertation reality,

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