Room with a View


This view is definitely helping with the being in hospital pantsness. Actually it’s not terrible at all. It’s like being in a Travelodge but with better food. The nice lady who brings me sustenance gave me a menu with 8 vegan options this morning. I sat there stunned and confused while she urged me to pick by fidgeting restlessly. She didn’t understand the depth of my gratitude as only another vegan who has no higher expectations than to be fed dry toast and falafel wherever they go would know.


This is my room. I’m on the cardiology ward as they had the most free beds.  All the other private rooms here are filled with neutropenic oncology patients. It seems peoples hearts are getting better while cancer is on the up and up.

Even though the room, food and care is awesome, I still only managed two hours sleep. My potassium levels were on the low side so they hooked me up to a drip all night. You can’t give potassium too fast because it will mess with your heart. Although being on the cardiology ward would be the best place for me. Anyway so in true British farce way, every time I bent my arm in a way the machine disapproved of it beeped at me loudly. Hence no sleep.

I am feeling fine otherwise. No signs of infection that I can see. The nice blood taking lady has just been round and if my neutrophils are normal, I think I’ll be home today. The tricky part will be finding an administrator to discharge me on a bank holiday. Although I’m really in no rush. The view is better than from my bedroom.

8 thoughts on “Room with a View

    1. Heidi

      sorry love. I had the beginnings of a cold and still in the danger zone for low immune system so I went into a&e to get bloods done. anyway I was neutropenic but no infection. they decided to admit me in case.

  1. Paula

    Oh, honey, you did well to go as it’s always better to be on the safe side. It’s probably a complete drag having to relocate so often, but it will hopefully be over soon.
    Mucho love from Amsterdammo

  2. Karen

    Loving your sea view, lady. And your very mellow and sensible point of view too! You are amazing. Amazing.

  3. Belen

    Indeed amazing, agree with Karen! hope your white blood cells start multiplying soon – big love

  4. Daphne

    Agree with the others. Amazing attitude, keep it up. Blissful view! So glad they think of vegans’ needs, too. Thinking of you…

  5. Heidi

    Thank you for your lovely words all my dears. I just had a satisfying nap and woke up to these comments which made me feel extra cosy inside. I love you all. xxx

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