I’m OUT! Neutrophils are at an excellent level of 6 as opposed to 0.1 before. An overnight recovery which even the medical types were surprised by. I’m gonna chill now but I just wanted to say huge thanks to the bosomers for keeping me busy and happy with texts, calls and philosophising. I also just saw this on Facebook and found myself in tears at the chemo card.


I would heartily recommend these Empathy Cards to send to anyone with a serious illness. These cards really get it.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Paula

    Wow, wonderful recovery!
    Supper happy to know you’re home with your loved loving ones.
    A huge hug for the three.

  2. Lisa

    Yay for recovery and being home! So glad you’re home and surrounded by all the love. Curl up under a blanket and savor being in your own place. <3

    (love the card, btw!)

  3. Karen

    woo hoo!! You’re home! That’s great! And isn’t your body amazing, with its bouncing back neutrophils! Sending you a massive hug xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. kim

    Phew, glad you are back home missus. Now go relax and eat some nice vegan food. love ya. xxx

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