Chemo Buddy Anyone?

So a gap has opened up for a chemo buddy next cycle. Does anyone fancy sitting with me next Wednesday 13th May from 9am-3/4pm? You don’t have to stay the whole time. It mostly consists of gibbering at me and occasionally making me cups of tea.

9 thoughts on “Chemo Buddy Anyone?

  1. Clive

    I will. Do you cover travel expenses? I would have a slight commute.

    Love and much hugging.

    Uncle C.

  2. Karen

    Hello love – have you got a chemo buddy sorted out for this week? Is Clive in the USA? Am assuming he won’t make it!

    1. Heidi

      Thanks luv. Yep I’ve got the awesome Kerrie and Rachel taking shifts. Sadly my uncle Clive is stateside so I don’t have the pleasure of his company. xx

  3. Karen

    Great – Kerrie and Rachel – that’s fantastic!! Come on, Uncle Clive, get on the plane and join in! It’s only half way round the planet! xxxxxx

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