No. 5 done


These are my lovely chemo-buds, Kerrie and Rachel who did perfectly timed shift changes for me at short notice. They filled my day with wonderful conversation, hand and foot waiting upon, handmade pressies and distracting questions when being poked. Thank you awesome womenfolk.


Here is the incredible handmade hot water bottle cover to bring those veins up. And the wonderful periodic table notepad. Perfect, thank you Kerrie.

For once my veins cooperated and the genius nurse, buoyed from her previous success, confidently located a juicy one within a few minutes so there was no long drawn out cannula drama. Unfortunately my platelets (the bits in blood that glue you together when you get a cut) were low from my blood test yesterday. So they did another test and we had to wait on the results. There was an anxious half hour until the test came back fine.

Then I took my new and shiny antiemetic and that had to be popped an hour before chemo goes in. So another extra hour. It turned out to be a full day again and I’m feeling pooped now. Hubby is here and now I’m being chauffered to the beach for some fresh and free hypnotherapy therapy courtesy of the ever busy waves.

Fingers crossed this new drug does the trick and works magic on the nausea. I may not be in touch for a few days if it doesn’t. Again feel free to contact me or send me silly/cute videos. Love to you all. xxx

9 thoughts on “No. 5 done

  1. kerrie

    Hi Heidi,
    I know I said this today, but wanted to thankyou for letting me be one of your Chemo Buddies today. I know this may sound like a strange thank you, but there are few ways in which I can be of help to you at the moment, but just to get the chance to spend time with you today was an absolute honour and special privilege. Right, enough said. I will ramble no more and press the post comment button. 🙂
    Thanks again & big hugs. xxxx

    1. Heidi

      No I totally get it darling. You gave me amazing gift of time and awesome company and made the whole day swift and painless. I understand the helplessness that loved ones can feel and doing something practical can bring some sense of contributing. All the texts, messages, comments, house cleaning, pressies, childcare, food, all of it is invaluable and makes me feel less isolated and more loved. xxx

  2. Karen

    Well done Heidi, you are doing an amazing job. And what wonderful chemo buddies you’ve got!! Hand-made hot water bottle cover!! Fantastic!

    Sending you lots of love and hoping the next few days will go by in a mellow way. xxxxxxxxx

  3. kim

    Hi my amazing sis,
    So glad you have got some amazing friends to go with you. Thank you to them from a grateful sister.
    Love ya Hides have fingers toes and everything else crossed that you have the right meds this time round.
    I am sure to he able to send you some silly vids of the boys,good thing about my two they are always up to something lol.

    Love you loads. Xxx

    1. Heidi

      funny nephew videos especially welcome : ) love seeing those gorgeous boys. love you too sis xx

  4. sokari

    Sounds like you had a slightly better medical experience supported by two wonderful chemo buddies – love the hot water bottle so cozy. On the upside just one more to go HOOOOOORAAAAAAY. Sending love and hugs

    1. Heidi

      yeh the day was lovely with those peeps. made it much more pleasant and fun. feeling low level nausea today but not as bad as last cycle. so fingers crossed the new drugs do work..

  5. Mike

    Glad you had such great support and very jealous of that notebook 😉

    Good luck with this round…..nearly there. Lots of love Mike x

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