The drugs so work

Thank you all SO much for your messages and love. The new drug is working so far although the real test will be tomorrow. It does make me sleepy but better napping than vomiting. And sleep works well for healing my poor body as well. Feeling OK peeps, love you all : )

8 thoughts on “The drugs so work

  1. Sara

    I’m so happy to hear it’s working. Been wondering. Glad you can sleep. Hang in there!

  2. kim

    phew, glad this lot seem to be working, fingers crossed they carry on. hope you are not reading this as you are sleeping. xxxx

  3. Karen

    hello love, I hope Saturday and Sunday went by ok, and hope you are still feeling ok. Was away with my family staying in a little cabin – would have been dad’s 70th birthday – got back last night. A little calf had been born while we were away – we had a friend looking after the cows. Sending you lots and lots of love and hoping you are doing well. love Karen xxxxxxx

  4. Becky

    Just saw this! I hope they’re still working and you’re having lots of healing sleep! Lots and lots of love, xxx

    1. Heidi

      Thanks dearest. I ran out a bit too quickly and the nausea went on longer.. still with me at a lower level today. I’ll have to beg for more. xx

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