LAST chemo is surging through my veins


I didn’t feel the need for a poster proclaiming the end of chemo. Me and my chemo buddies, Becky and Mum decided fist pumping was more on form. Except mine looks a bit scary. I blame the bald head. But perhaps  maybe it did take a bit of feistiness to get to this point. So this is the moment after the last drips of carpet bombing drugs went into my veins. A vein that finally came out to play in a timely fashion. Isn’t it just about right that on the last cycle, things finally went according to plan.


Then the rest of my buds arrived so extra smiles ensued. Lilah has mixed feelings about the end of chemo. She’s delighted Mummy is getting better but is gutted about missing the free computer games and rolling  dangerously around the corridors on the wheeled footstools. There are things I will miss too. The concrete support from the staff who were always just at the other end of a phone. The incredible and consistent care tjey took of both my body and soul.. and the free vegan lunch ; )


Before I left I gave those wonderful nurses the cucpakes I baked them and then blackmailed them into giving me a congratulatory sticker. At short notice a small purple dot I suspect they use for the staff schedule was all they could come up with. Even so I cherish that wee sticky circle. I earned it ; p

11 thoughts on “LAST chemo is surging through my veins

  1. Lisa

    YIPPEE for the last chemo!! That’s the best news today! I just wish I could be there to hug you, fist bump, and high-five. My last chemo will be in July, and then I will send you a picture of my raised fist and shout of glee.


    1. Heidi

      I cannot wait for that photo, Lisa!!!! And massive virtual hug back atcha : ) xxxxx

  2. Kat

    Hurray! You bloody well did earn your tiny purple sticker of courage and endurance. Here’s to getting through this next bit, and then onwards and upwards! lots of love xxxx

    1. Heidi

      And the next step after I get through the side effects is to ritually burn my chemo book and purge the house of all antibacterial substances.. ; p

  3. kim

    Woohooooooooooooooo!!!! Well done missus, you have def earned tht purple sticker and much more. Love ya.xxxxx

  4. Karen

    I am so happy HAPPY that your last chemo is behind you, and I hope the next few days treat you kindly. What an achievement and what a wonderful thing to think you don’t have to punctuate your life with that huge challenge any more. You are amazing. I also found it so interesting and endearing that you were even able to say you’ll miss aspects of it – despite the stress and strain of it you were still able to deeply appreciate the beauty in the human kindness the chemo nurses gave you. You didn’t shrink inwards in the crisis, you reached our and connected with amazing people. I think that’s a great achievement too.

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