Boob is saved.. so far

Yes, it is good news folks. And didn’t we need some of that. It seems all that pain, nausea and hell of chemotherapy paid off. The tumour is down to 3 cm, halved in size. My surgeon, the relaxed and immensely reassuring Mr Zammit, said he couldn’t even tell the difference between it and normal glands. He gave me three options for surgery without even a sniff of the M-word. I could have a procedure that meant taking a good chunk of breast tissue, meaning that there would be quite a change in size and shape. That also meant another operation next year to reduce the healthy boob to match. The next was to go in from the top and just take the tumour (plus a margin), meaning leaving a big scar on my cleavage. The last to tunnel in from around the nipple and remove the tumour leaving no scar at all. I was slightly tempted to get a free boob reduction on the NHS with option 1 but big NOPE to the more operations and bigger scarring. So I plumped for number 3. I’m actually pretty blown away that I could come out of all this, not only with my boob intact, but pretty much the same as when this started.


This is my boob pillow for after the operation. I thought it was rather a sweet touch to make it heart-shaped. The surgery is going to happen the week of the 6th July to give me some extra time to recover from my “rough time” (their words) in chemo. I’ll have all my lymph nodes removed too now that they did their job but are not to be trusted anymore. Seems like a poor reward for the wee glandy thingies. A drain will be fitted below my armpit to collect fluid from the wound in a tiny bag that they give me a handbag to carry around in. I’ve never had a handbag in my life so this will be an image change. One interesting part of this process is that I’ve realised I don’t fit the medical profession’s idea of what a woman should be concerned about. I fear I haven’t been consuming their make up sessions and free perfume with the appropriate level of feminine enthusiasm ; p

I’ll be in hospital for 2 or 3 nights depending on how I regroup from the surgery. Hopefully I can go home lickety-split but the drain may be in for a week and it could take a month to recover fully from the op. After that it will take 2/3 weeks for them to analyse the tumour and the margins to check there’s no pre-cancerous or loose cancer cells around. If there is, I’ll go in for a day operation to scrape away the tricky areas. If those are clear or it’s clear in the first place, then it’s onto the next phase of radiotherapy. But that’s for later.

For now, let’s celebrate and enjoy the awesomeness of boob save-age and shrunk lump.




22 thoughts on “Boob is saved.. so far

  1. Sophie Michel

    Well done, we’re really happy for you. All those hard times didn’t go into waste xx

  2. Varpu

    Whoot for the boob!! Great news!!!
    Love, Varpu

    Ps. Sorry for the silence from me lately, don’t have much time/energy over, but you are in my thoughs!

  3. Belen

    Hurra Heidi!!! Amazing news, big celebration with Adam and Lilah I hope! Your bosom buddies will celebrate in spirit with you.
    Me too, sorry for the silence – also not much time neither energy – but very happy to hear these news – and that you are done with chemo, and all just when the Summer should start and I hope you are having more and more energy to enjoy it…

    Much love,

  4. Heidi

    Thanks Sophie and Varpu. Yes, it totally made the hell of the last 4 months worth it. Especially as my oncologist was doubtful at the start that the chemo would have any effect. It also bodes well for getting clear margins because if the tumour has shrunk then there’s a great chance that the pre-cancerous cells have been obliterated. xx

  5. Heidi

    Thanks darling Belen. I know you are all with me even if you’re not in touch every minute. Much love xxx

  6. Mel Jarman

    All power to your bosoms.
    Zammit is my mum’s breast cancer consultant by the way! She thinks he’s really great. She also had a similar cushion for after lymph gland removal. My understanding is that it’s that shape in order to fit under the arm; bit more prosaic but there you go.
    Great to hear things moving forward and I’d be happy to come visit when you’re in for glandular removal if your immune system will be on the up and if you don’t already fill your visitor quota – msg me details or something. xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Ann

    What great news Heidi and what a wonderful post! I am so happy for you all. Keep up that great attitude. And please do post a photo of you with a purse, I guess it will take some getting used to indeed 😉
    Kisses from Amsterdam! xxxxx

  8. Heidi

    Ah yes Zammit is awesome! Yes your mum is wise in the ways of surgery so I’d love to hear more about her experience. I’d enjoy a visit from your lovely self. I’ll let you know the deets as soon as I have them. xx

  9. Heidi

    Ha ha Ann, yes i will definitely post a purse photo. It will be the one and only time it will happen ; )


  10. Caroline

    Wahhoooooooo! That just sounds brilliant. Well done Heidi’s body!! Hats off to all those positive vibes persevering round your brain and helping to send the shinier messages to fight the cancer bastards. Keep going sweet pea. You’re a shining beacon of awesomeness. C xxxxx

  11. Heidi

    Thanks Caroline darling. Yes, it’s the best possible result, other than the tumour disappearing altogether. I’m hoping that all that positive thinking helped or at least stopped me getting in the way of myself. xxxx

  12. Sokari

    Awesome Heidi yaaaaaaaasas great news, champagne those chocolate vegan truffles galore, and ice cream.

    1. Heidi

      yeh I had some ice cream instead and going out for dinner in a bit! it’s all about the food ; )

  13. Karen

    Dammit, Zammit, I love you!!! Such fantastic news. And great to feel like the 4 months of hell were worth it!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    1. Heidi

      Ha ha I love Zammit the Mannit too. Hey we can start a dedicated thread to Zammit rhyming titling. xxxx

    1. Heidi

      Thanks darling. It’s all still slowly sinking in. And thank YOU for being such an awesome and consistent chemo bud. xxx

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