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I’m sitting in a cafe feeling desperate. My mission to find post-surgery clothing is failing miserably. I need a button up top, maybe two if I feel risqué. This will enable any medical type who wants easy access to my boob. Also I won’t have to lift my arms to get dressed. Something I’ve been told I will appreciate immensely at the time. Except I can’t find any, not a one. So I’ve taken refuge in the coolest cafe ever and eaten as many vegetables I could find.


OK so I’m feeling renewed and off I go to Marks and Spencer’s. Perhaps trying to be funky for surgery was too big an ask. Time to suck up the uncoolness of cancer.

10 thoughts on “Button it

  1. Hi Heidi – Not sure what you are looking for. Do you mean a button up shirt as if so surely Primark would have something suitable as M&S are quite expensive – hope you find something! . You may have lymphodemia following the removal of the lymph nodes which will cause your arm some swelling and could be quite sore for a while, lifting arms is one of the problems and carrying bags too. I dunno what they told you but I was given a support which I wore on and off for a couple of years but its so ugly I stopped [vanity surpassed pain!] and to be honest my arm though weaker than the left is OK now. Its worth having regular lymphatic massages to keep the juices flowing after removal or Adam could give you the massages so ask them to show you how. A couple of months ago a breast nurse tried to tell me I should buy a support for air travel as apparently flying can cause some disaster to the arm. Well I have flown about 50 times possibly more and my arm is still standing. The meal looks delicious.

    1. Heidi

      thanks for the info Sokari darling. I do feel a bit under prepared for the surgery and its aftermath. the meeting with the surgeon was a wee bit rushed as well and my breast cancer nurse is very un-proactive. I did manage to finally find a pair of button up pjs in primark and a top in h&m. might be a bit on the stinky side if that’s all I have for a week! xx

  2. Kat

    Great option – when in shopping hell, go for the plate of delicious healthfulness! What about Bravissimo? Nice wrap around top might do it? Good luck anyway! xxxxxx

    1. Heidi

      Yeh I was thinking a wrap around would be grand but I couldn’t find one. Nothing in Bravissimo unfortunately. I may have to resort to online shopping ; p

  3. Kerrie

    Lunch looks good. Will check out love that stuff fairtrade shop in the marina. See you very very soon. Kbx

  4. Joba

    That’s crazy that you can’t find any button up tops?! Have you got enough time to order something online perhaps?x

    1. Heidi

      Adam is gonna have a look online. I could also get stretchy tank tops and then put them on from the legs up.

  5. Karen

    ah yes, I just looked on ebay and there was nothing inspiring there! Damn, who’d have thought it would be such a tricky thing to find! Seems like you’d need something really soft and stretchy. I also remember for my operation, I don’t fully understand why, but they wouldn’t let me wear synthetic pants! Had to be cotton – or PAPER! So I had to wear paper pants for my operation which made me feel like a strange person and when I woke up from the general anaesthetic I was saying, “I’m wearing paper pants, I’m wearing paper pants”.

  6. sokari

    Heidi, I hope you can insist on another appointment before the surgery so you are not left unprepared and anxious, there is nearly a month to go so plenty of time for them to talk to you in more detail.

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