Signed away

I’ve just signed away my lymph nodes and a good chunk of boob. The nice man who will cut into me in two weeks is going to slice around my nipple then stretch the skin and pull out the lump. Then he will make another cut under my arm and take out all my lymph nodes. Everyone has a different amount of these nodes so they won’t know until they’re in, how many are coming out. The whole thing will take about an hour and a half.

I went solo to sign the consent form. Sitting alone in the waiting room, I became very aware that my baldy head was probably scaring the bejesus outta all the women there for screening. But when I pondered it for a while and remembered when I was on the other end of that dynamic. When I saw bald women looking calm and healthy, it was reassuring. So I let go of my assumed role as apocalyptic horsewoman. Now I’m through that next bit I’m treating myself to a vegan mezze and going to the cinema in wonderful solitude. Viva bald role models!

8 thoughts on “Signed away

  1. Paula

    Ok, honey! This is it. We will all be thinking about you all the way and holding your hand very tight!

  2. Sokari

    It sounds organized and calm. And glad you had a few hours to enjoy your own company.

    Thinking of you xxxxxxx

  3. Lisa

    A bit of solitude in order to digest the information was a great idea, I hope it helped. Hopefully you’ll find the surgery and recovery to be far easier to cope with than chemo and its wondrous and varied side effects. It was for me, and I hope it will be for you, too. <3

  4. Julie

    What a crazy journey we’ve all been following with you. Let us know the exact date of surgery so we can all be thinking if you and sending lovey vibes.

    1. Heidi

      Yes it’s been quite the ride. The surgery is on the 20th July my darling. You can always keep track of dates coming up on the calendar widget on the right side of the front page. Xx

  5. Mike

    Thinking of you as always. You seem to be taking every step on this journey with amazing strength! Lots of love x x x

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