Morphing it up

wpid-wp-1437424270120.jpegHallo bosomy types. I thought you’d appreciate a reassuring photo so here I am with my friend morphine. Alas I am a very sensible recoverer from general anaesthetic and not a single note was to be heard. Although I was informed I had woken up previously and spoken to my surgeon which I have no memory of. So there could have been some rock ballads involved. I’m sure he will delight in telling me tomorrow.

The anaesthetists were a bunch of fluffy bunnnies (I had three). Of course my veins didn’t cooperate so they gave me breathable drugs to make me pass out. Strangely it wasn’t the dreamless out cold feeling I heard others describe. I did feel like I was asleep and dreamt. I woke up in a different and as equally unattractive gown so something icky probably happened to the original one. It is a very weird feeling to know things happened to me and I don’t know about it.

I’m back on the ward now with two other lovely ladies. They’re telling me funny stories of adventures in hairdressing and threatening to evict any snorers ; ) They’re so cool. Generally it’s very quiet here and there’s a severe lack of buzzy beepy sounds. Hooray for that. They will be waking me up every three hours to check things are OK so I don’t think a good nights sleep is in the offing. But the nurses keep mentioning that I might be out tomorrow if my drain is below 40ml. So come on wound, dry the hell up ; )

Thank you for all your lovely messages. It’s so awesome to go to sleep and wake up to so much love. I’m so happy that’s over. Big phew!

19 thoughts on “Morphing it up

  1. sokari

    Hey you look awesome, smashing. So happy to see you smiling and and writing. You are amazing Heidi. Hope you get to go home soon and ditch the morphine. Hugs loads of them.

    1. Heidi

      thanks doll. turns out I didn’t have the boob smooshy half hour thing. just a normal mammogram. they said they would have put in a titanium marker to avoid the half hour thing. anyway it wasn’t bad at all. xxxx

  2. aart

    Hi Heidi, many greets, hope recovery is swift as a shark and gentle as a butterfly, (and sorry for the bad poetry 🙂 big hug! Aart

  3. Caroline

    So happy for you gorgeous girl. Enjoy that morphine while you can! Big love, C xxxx

  4. kim

    Glad you are awake and ok Heidi, Mum said tht you are extremely chatty on Morphine lol! Hope the recovery goes as well as the operation did. Shaye says to make sure you get better soon as he can’t wait to come visit. Love you very much. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Karen

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaah!!!!! You’re amazing! Blogging on morphine you rockin’ chick. I’m so glad your anaesthetists were fluffy bunnies – exactly as they should be! Wow, I’m so glad that’s behind you, though!



  6. Paula

    Hi darling,
    So great to see your sweet face!
    Yes, morphie’s a nice friend and, yes, I also slept and dreamt until I woke up and cuddled my doctor’s hand when I had general anesthesia.
    More love to you to help you heal very quickly.

  7. Kamila

    Hi Heidi!
    Congratulations on the successful op.! Wonder what you told the surgeon! Wish that the wound dries up quickly!

  8. Mike

    So glad to hear everything has gone well and the opiates are doing there job 😉 .. Great to see you smiling. Hope you’re back on your feet soon and recovery goes well.

    I had my last day working at college today – summer holidays – yay!!

    Lots of love x x x

  9. Jess

    So glad it all went smoothly and Mr Morphine is doing his job of carrying you through on a little fluffy cloud. Hope you’re home soon. xxx

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