Better now

Hi my lovelies. Just wanted to let you all know that the doc came and gave me a very nice supply of morphine. It took a bit to kick in but the pain is mostly gone now and I can at least get up to pee. I’ll also be taking some precautionary antibiotics in case the drain site gets wonky. She did have a peek at the wounds and they look good. I’m healing well. I just need to manage the pain and then in a week I can get this drain out. Horrible thing.

Thank you for all your messages. You’re awesome as usual. And BIG kudos to superhubby and the parents for getting me through this blurry shite

5 thoughts on “Better now

  1. Caroline

    Thank goodness for morphine! And wonderful hubster. Sending you all loads of love and sleep. C xxxx

  2. Karen

    Yes!!! Thank goodness!! So glad to hear you’ve got some help with the pain. And of course a massive cheer for your darling husband and parents helping you through it all. What a nightmare. I’m so glad that day is behind you. Sending you A MASSIVE HUG xxxxxxxxx

  3. ell

    So happy to read this, keep feeling better, thinking of you and sending you all huge hugs. xxxx

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