No sympathy

I just wanted to share a funny (in a horrible way) thing that just happened. For context I went along to a sports session that Lilah has been going to for a few weeks now. I watched from the door and noticed a few minor things the teacher was doing I didn’t like but let it go as Lilah seemed to be having of the fun. Anyway at one point the teacher left the room to take a phonecall leaving a teen assistant in charge. I thought maybe it was a crucial call, letting it go. Then near the end Lilah falls over, screams, cries, there’s blood. The teacher is checking his messages.

Now it’s time for Mama Bear. I took her outside, got her plastered up, cooled down and cuddled. The teacher comes out and says “I hear you have a problem with the session.” He then goes on to blame everyone else for his mistake including me (overprotective), his psychotic mother (for the phonecall) and British culture (too many rules). Anyway the funny thing I promised happened halfway through his rant. Lilah leaned over and whispered in my ear “Mummy tell him you have cancer!” : )