wpid-wp-1438520373097.jpegThe one upside to my Iranian otherness is that even chemo is no match for my my persistent and extreme hairiness. I would get the last laugh on my childhood bullies if they ever got cancer ; p

This is is the first day of feeling vaguely normal after surgery. My brain has defuzzed and I can move my arm around a little more. I was caught off guard by the impact of the operation. Who knew major surgery would be so.. major? I’ve pretty much been asleep for the past two weeks. I thought it was the morphine but I think my body literally put me in a semi-coma in order to fix itself. But I was awake for 8 hours yesterday before my bed called. I even managed to make a meal.

My wounds are looking amazing. I wish I could show you all my nipple. The scar is a non-event. The surgeon has mad skillz! I wish I could say the same about the district nurses. The first day they showed up they were flummoxed by my drain bag and had to call in another nurse to change it. OK fair enough for the first day. Except every single day for the following week the nurses claimed surprise and bemusement for every part of my care. They didn’t have the right dressings or drain bags. They were resistant to coming out even though I could barely make it out of bed. The merest whiff of me being able to make it to the GP surgery and they discharged me. Luckily I shouldn’t have to rely on them for care in future.

The next big date is next Thursday when I go to see my surgeon and get the news about whether they managed to get all the cancer. If not I could be in for more surgery. One day at a time though. Today I aim to stay awake until 7pm.

16 thoughts on “HAIR!

  1. sokari

    Hi my dear, relief that you are finally healing from the surgery and the whole experience. The wholeness of your body, your being has been under an enormous amount of stress throughout the process from the day you learned you had breast cancer. Rest rest and more rest. Sending lots of love and hugs


    1. Heidi

      Thanks darling. Yes, it does seem though that some women bounce back within days. I think having the drain in and all my lymph nodes removed that was the kicker. There was also a problem during surgery where my nerves were in danger of being severed. So perhaps a bit more body drama to recover from. xx

  2. Caroline

    Hello hair! Thank you surgeniuses. And thank nature for its capacity to undergo such a fierce invasion and heal! Hopefully the nurses will improve. They sound very inexperienced. Wishing you all the luck in the world for a cancer free outcome on Thursday sweet pea. Loads of love, C xxxx

    1. Heidi

      Thanks dearie. Yeh humans are insanely resilient! I don’t know that the deal with the nurses was. I suspect chronic underfunding and insufficient training are part of the story. xx

  3. Paula

    Hi honey,
    Hurray for hairy women!!!!!!!
    As for the nurses, that sounds like a complete nightmare and I am really sorry you had to put up with it. Total incompetence to deal with your post-op care.
    Yes, one day at a time. Keep us posted.
    All my love always.

    1. Heidi

      Hi dearest. Yeh it’s not something you really should have to handle. Adam was furious! It’s the first time we’ve come up against that as the care has been awesome. I’m off the the GP today for a different kind of nurse so lets see how that goes.. xxxx

  4. Karen

    Hellooooo lovely!! You have hair!!!!!!! I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better each day. I remember when I had my op I was a zombie for about a month – not in a really unpleasant way, just in a completely floored way – I remember shuffling like a dazed zombie into the pharmacists about 3 or 4 weeks after my op and asking, “Am I supposed to be feeling like this now?” But it went away eventually. I think you’re right, I think your body just needs every ounce of its energy to stitch itself back together. It’s totally amazing really!!!! Isn’t it impressive to see the wizardry of excellent surgery too. Those folk are amazing. Sorry to hear the nurses have been clueless – that’s not so great. xxxxx

    1. Heidi

      hallo darling. I remember what you said about the zombie thing. it definitely felt like that and then it was gone! I’m off to the shops with Lilah now so things are on the up and up. bought myself a poncho as I still can’t really have clothes that are too tight. never been a poncho person and its very liberating to break into the judi dench world of style ; )

  5. Becky

    Hey hey – sending big love and vibes for tomorrow. Great to see the HAIR!! Lots of love Becky xx

    1. Heidi

      thanks dearest. yeh I’m preparing mentally for whatever happens tomorrow. I don’t like to predict these things but I kinda have a bad feeling. xxx

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