Heidi the Warrior Princess laughs at mere flesh wounds


Bring it!

Just a quick note that Heidi is just out of surgery and resting up. We’re hoping She’ll be able to be discharged in a couple of hours so we can take her home and spoil her.

The surgeon said that the op went well with no complications, no problems this time getting the cannula in.  Some pain is being managed at the moment the with good old morphine.

Heidi threatening the anaesthetist to not fuck up the cannula.

Heidi threatening the anaesthetist to make sure he doesn’t fuck up the cannula.



8 thoughts on “Heidi the Warrior Princess laughs at mere flesh wounds

  1. Kat

    Oh thank you for giving us an update!

    That’s good news. All love for healing and morphine and being spoiled! And love you and Lilah too for what must have been a difficult day.


  2. Mel Jarman

    Wowzers she’s fierce – clearly totally up for nailing a good recovery. Go girl etc.
    Love to you all xxxxx

  3. julie gisborne

    Thats great news, heidi is a very brave girl, it must have been a hard day for you and lilah too, well done to all of you.

    thank you for the update xxx

  4. Sokari

    Great news Adam, sending love to Heidi and hope this is the point when things start getting better

  5. Paula

    Thank you so much for keeping us up to date. It was a relief to read this yesterday.
    Hoping for a quick recovery.
    Fingers (and toes) crossed.

  6. Karen

    Ha ha! That’s an amazing warrior princess you’ve got there! Sending you lots and lots of love xxx

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