One step closer to clear

Home. The last to leave..but leave I did. It all went smoothly and the day surgery unit felt more like a B&B than a hospital. My nurse Carol was arguably the shiniest, smiliest human I have ever encountered. The anaesthetist listened carefully to all my worries about shy veins and the subsequent destruction of them. He even had a bowl of hot water waiting in the anaesthetic suite to pop them out in a gentle fashion. Cannula in first time..than’ ya very much. And my wee family got to hang out with me almost the whole time. NHS at its awesome best.

boob arrow

When my surgeon drew this rather random arrow on me I was equal parts reassured the right boob was being operated on and completely thrown by being marked up like a tree for trimming. It turned out though that only half the original wound was sliced open again and extra tissue was only taken from one side. A pleasant surprise, we don’t get many of those. An added bonus is the surgeon snapped my stiff tendon back into action like one of those chemical glowsticks. I have almost full use of my arm again.

after op

This is the after shot. The op was about an hour and a lovely Spanish nurse called Nuria was there when I awoke. I regaled her with tales of my many adventures with Pimentos de Padrons. No singing though. I recovered really quickly with only a minor episode of “there’s blood everywhere” when a little build up popped out of the wound. One new gown and a bit of pressure on the wound and all was well. Hopefully that will be it but as my nurse says ‘better out than in’.

Off to bed with me now. I’ve got my array of drugs displayed before me for whatever comes next. I’m thinking it won’t be too bad. Biggest love to you all. We’re one step closer to clear.

15 thoughts on “One step closer to clear

  1. Kat

    So good to see your post-op smile, even if it is morphine induced! And that’s great this experience was an improvement on the last. Onwards and upwards!
    much love for your healing xxxxxxx

  2. Sokari

    Sounds like you are moving on from chemo horror to post surgery relief and good times on the horizon ie back to regular life – oh how happy is the mundane

    Love and hugs

  3. paula

    Oh, wonderful to get such good news!
    So happy that it has been better than you had expected. Hopefully the recovery will also be a lot smoother than the previous one.
    Gonna do yoga everyday so I can dedicate my practice to your full recovery, just in case it actually helps 😉
    All my love and lots of strength,

  4. Lisa #2

    Such great news! My surgeon didn’t draw an arrow on my boob: he left his initials in black sharpie pen. It caused a lot of hilarity among my family members – they called me a “marked woman” and other such silliness.

    Hey, your hair is returning quite nicely, too! I note that with envy because currently my poor bald scalp is covered with dark brown fuzz. Each day I wish anew for a wand a la Harry Potter, so I can magically have, once again, a full head of curly hair. Sigh.

  5. Karen

    That’s so fantastic to see and hear that it all went smoothly and to get your good news. You look amazing. I love the seemingly casualness of the arrow! Sending love to all of you xxx

  6. Joba

    Ah you beautiful thing you. So smiley and resilient…massively in awe of you as usual. Thats AMAZING about popping the tendon, I love how they know this shit and just… bam…done….remids me what a bag of bones and tendons and veins and hormones and enzymes and bacterias we are, a wonderful, INSANELY complicated and magical one mind!xxx

  7. Kim

    Ah lovely smiley Heidi, glad the experiences seem to be getting better and I hope this carries thru to your recovery as well. Love You Heidi Hi. Xxx

  8. Becky

    You’re looking wonderful… lovely to hear that you were getting good care from Carol and Nuria. Great Cannula action too!

    Lots of love


  9. ell

    So glad to see your smile and wishing you lots and lots of love. Great news, heres to it continuing! Thinking of you and all the family, we all send our very best. XXXXXXXXXX

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