“It’s good news,” the doctor said before I even sat down. No sign of cancer in the tissue they took out in the second surgery. None. Not just a good margin but no cancerous cells at all.

I asked him for a prognosis and he far-too jovially inputted my info the computer programme. It was called Predict, not Cake or Death sadly. Click, click, click.. like some morbid multiple choice quiz. Up the results pop and seems if I had been born in Victorian times when all they did was cut out the lump, I would have been fooked. 33% five year survival rate but with the extras, chemo etc, that jumps up to 74%.

Although it’s all qualified by the data being generated with not all variables considered. So it’s not a guarantee or a death sentence. I was more just curious to have all the knowledge rather than count my life chances in percentage points. Life is more complex than that.

Next step is radiotherapy as an insurance policy. I have my appointment on Tuesday and then it will probably happen in the next 6 weeks. The exciting part is I’m healing every day and that will continue and life can begin again. Plans can be made. First up, vegan tapas tonight!

Thank you my bosomers for the support this year. It’s been quite the journey. I feel so close to all of you and we will be in this life, in joy and sorrow until the end. You are the very best humans and I love you all.

31 thoughts on “CLEAR

  1. Kat

    Hello my cancer-free friend!!!!!!!!!!

    I was just about to send you a picture of that CAKE we ate in Brighton – on theme, in hope of good prognosis – when in popped your FANTASTIC news into my inbox.

    So good to see your lovely family smiles. Cake is in order! And probably some dancing too. I am far away yet still dancing round the living room with my parrot in celebration and solidarity.

    so much love

  2. Ann

    Ah, what a huge relief Heidi! So happy for all of you and so admiring of your strength and wisdom. I hope you keep writing, you’ve got a great gift that should be shared! Huge hugs from us all xxxxx

  3. Jess

    Hurrah hurrah hurrah! Am also doing a little dance of joy in your honour. Have a wonderful day celebrating your freedom xxx

  4. Paula

    Hi darling,

    This is the best news I could get today.
    I am so happy I am getting all emotional like a proper portuguese woman (you know?).
    You have been amazing and it has been incredible to read your posts and everyone else’s.
    Enjoy your day today and all the many many others to come. And let me know when you’re back in A’dam. We gotta hug! And curse a tiny bit (plizz?).

    All my love,

    PS – I am now moving to level 2 in my yoga class and practising three times a week. I am going to keep on dedicating the practice to you, just in case 😉

  5. Caroline

    Hahahaha! That is the best news this year!! Just wonderful. That picture of your gorgeous smiling faces says it all. Well done to you and all those positive vibes and everyone who looked after you! We love you too!! C xxxxx

  6. Barbara

    So g;lad to see the news. Would like to recommend once more that ou look into the program at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida- for prevention this time. I’m in the process of buyig a condo in the development right next store just to be near them. If you decided t do their program, you could come and stay to save money.

  7. tammy

    I think the smiles in that photo sum it all up as words are not enough.
    Happy days, lots of cakes & more laughter & love than you can imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tammy Emily

  8. Letty

    HURRRRRAYYYYYY!!!! I just did a little cry over my food in Idyea. Well done guys, you did this!! Loads of love xxxxx

  9. Heidi

    Aw you guys are so awesome. I’m LOVING all the tears, dances, cake, yoga and general celebrating. This blog and its amazing audience has truly got me through some of the darkest moments and kept me connected to all the people that make me feel good. You’ve shared your own insights that have kept me focused and your own stories that reassured me I wasn’t alone. I will keep on writing because I’m sure there’s more to come. But THANK YOU for propping me up when I needed it and for listening to my heart. I love you all.

  10. Belen

    Heidi!!! what a good good news! I am so happy – can’t stop looking at the picture of you three – and all what those smiles let see – it makes my heart warm and happy. I love the collective dancing, tears, cake and all – and I also hope you keep writing – we want to keep enjoying this amazing gift you have! why not starting turnign this blog into a publication?

    Big love

  11. Adam B

    Heidi the Cancer Slayer!! I gave up trying to find one of those pics (memes?) where it’s like Buffy, but it’s you, and a vampire, but it’s cancer, and you’re like stabbing it through the heart with a wooden stake or a silver bullet or whatever kills those things. Where do people come up with those things?
    Anyway, so happy you’re clear.

  12. Heidi

    Belen, I would like to make the blog into something but I suspect I’m too lazy and also don’t want to sit behind a screen for 6 months. Especially after being house bound for so long. Maybe once I’ve got my rocks off in the real world. First is a trip the NL! Mr.Boyle, I think you may have hit upon a meme niche and photoshop/imagination is the answer. I bloody love the idea though and joyful giggles were heard. Thank you! xxxx

  13. ell

    YEY!!! so happy for this, and to read all the wonderful words of friends near and far. I love your smiling faces! Amazing! Lots of love from all the family. New life beckons you! XXXXXXX

  14. Karen

    Such a joyful thing to see the responses of your lovely and loyal bosommers here. Cake every which way and upside down. I really adore this photo of you all, joyful posse. What a strange job the doctors have, holding people’s hopes in their hands and having to tell them which way it’s going for them. I’m so grateful that it’s going the right way for you. I can’t wait until you don’t need to think about hospitals any more. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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