Too big to flail


This is my boob mould. I went in today for my measurements to be done and for pen marks to be drawn on. What I got was a hot flat roll of plastic lattice pressed into my boobs and cooled with a fan until it perfectly fit my body. Three technicians were needed to complete the task including a young physicist who, according to his coworkers, is a notorious pen thief. One technician has assured me I can keep the mould after and had all manner of ideas for repurposing. Hanging baskets, corset, wall decoration..

The reason for this surreal morning is that I am too enormously gifted in the boob department to get radiotherapy treatment without it. I will have to wear this every time to keep things where they should be. Without it, my boobs flop too far down. I can get blistering where the boob touches the chest and it will slightly lift things away from each other.


Added to the other worldly feeling of today was this bus-like electronic timetable in the waiting room. Hooray, the NHS are ON TIME! I must say it’s reassuring to me that they are so anal. We don’t really want a sloppy work culture in the radiation department.

The plus side to the boob mould is that they marked it up with dots that would normally be on my skin. So no more talk of tattooes and sharpie pens. The Universe is smiling on me today. I start treatment on October 14th and it will run for three weeks, every day Monday-Friday. Then an extra bit of boosters because I’m young and my cancer is aggressive. The wait is so long because I need to heal as much as possible before they blast me again.

Now I get to be normal for a few weeks and plan my alternative use for boob mouldage. Ideas on a postcard..or in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Too big to flail

  1. sokari

    I can imagine Lilah taking this to new levels – a mask perhaps, painted a skirt, a basket for her bike hmm

  2. Karen

    ha ha, love the title of this post! What an amazing experience! You could make one of those cress gardens out if it – they could grow through the holes!

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