I just got back from the very last radiotherapy session, the end of ‘active’ treatment. I was serenaded by Sade for this final round, the first time I’ve been  disappointed by her. I was hoping to bring things full circle with Tracy Chapman or Phil Collins. Well ok, I could have done without Easy Lover.

They gave me this gel cream just in case my skin breaks over the next week or so while the rads keep on burning my skin. Apparently, as I’ve been told several times, they were surprised I didn’t have more blistering as I’m a ‘larger lady’ and the boob mould means the rays penetrate closer to the skin surface.


As a thank you I made some cupcakes for the staff. I made them yesterday alongside an experimental raw chocolate tart. It was a interesting mix of old next to new. As I’ve decided to change my diet to cut out sugar and eat more fruit and veg, the cupcake me is fading. Raw chocolate tart me is emerging. It’s a bit gritty and needs more work but it’s definitely where the future’s at. So here comes life, post-treatment. A work in progress but healthier, happier and tasting delicious.

12 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Paula

    I am amazed you still managed to bake for the doctors, nurses, technicians, etc.
    They are so beautiful your cupcakes. I’d totally eat one, or two, or three. And then rush to some vinyasa class.
    I think it is a good thing you’re reducing the amount of sugar you’re eating. Raw chocolate actually helps a lot with emotions (as it makes you happy and bypasses the sugar dip) and gives you an extra help with your energy levels (without the coffee dip). Besides, your cupcakes are wonderful little sculptures that tackle your sophisticated creative self. So, more cocoa and less sugar are the next frontier. It really pays off in the end as it also makes you crave less other more sugary thingies.
    So happy this phase is over and your skin made it through on nappy cream. So so so proud of you, my wonderful warrior.
    Mucho love from Amsterdam.

  2. Sokari

    Yaaaaaaaaaaa. TART & GRITTY sounds kick ass to me. Welcome to the future Heidi, the force is with you (corny eh? )

  3. Karen

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss – WELL DONE YOU ABSOLUTELY AMAZING LADY! You have navigated all the treatment with such good grace – you are amazing!!!!! What an achievement! And your lovely husband and daughter (plus lots of other friends and family) have been such a fantastic supportive team for you while you’ve done all that. I am so glad you are at this point now, instead of where you were 8 months ago, when all that treatment was in front of you. I know you need to take good care of yourself – but it sounds like you are going to enjoy that, raw chocolate and all. Sending you a massive hug and lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Varpu

    Yeeeeeyyyy!!!! Congratulations!!!! May your skin heal fast! 🙂 Loads of love and hugs to you, Adam and Lilah!

  5. hi heidi, so pleased its all over, hope you heal well, the cupcakes look delish, good luck with the chocolate tart, all the best to you and your lovely family, lots of love ju and dave xxxxxxx

  6. Belen

    Well done Heidi! I am also very proud of you, and grateful for how you have shared with us… now waiting for the coming book!
    Here also considering stopping sugar – though will be difficult as the girls love so much baking cakes, and me too! So kind of start exploring (only reading yet) the non-sugar baking – let me know how it goes with you!! hard to beat that cupcakes though..
    Aart will give all our kisses and hugs in person soon…

  7. Mike

    Yes! you did it all!!So good to hear you have finished all the treatment. You are amazing and have so much ahead of you. Well done 🙂
    Raw chocolate cake can beat a cupcake any day of the week in my book, but then I’ve never been a super sweet tooth person.
    Hope your final recovery from the treatment goes well. lots of love as always x

  8. Heidi

    Thanks lovely bosomers. It’s wonderful to read all your supportive comments every day. Brightens me up nicely. So my nipple is peeling dramatically and I feel like as the old burned skin drops off, so my emerging boob is coming out of some kind of cancer crysallis! It’s already feeling much less painful and tender.

    I’ve also had an idea to not entirely walk away from old me cupcakes and I’m gonna try to apply the flavours and designs to wee raw tartlets. A new phase of non-baking! Belen, the sugar free baking is a bit of a nightmare. I found the xylitol was great but gives you the squits. Agave is liquid and changing the chemistry entirely and the powder version makes things rubbery. Maybe more experimentation to do on that front.. Let me know how you get on. Xxx

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