By strange coincidence I ended up on a flight to Scotland, as I did exactly one year ago on the day of my cancer diagnosis. Last January 15th, we dashed straight from the breast clinic to the airport with four small but devastating words “I’m afraid it’s cancer,” ringing in our ears. The reality of that statement settled slowly over our Scottish holiday like sediment over the dead shellfish of our previous life.

Today, we re-enacted the events of the year before, but without the shock and trauma. Well, with the normal level of trauma associated with flying Sleazy-jet. I did expect some body memory to kick in and to feel a bit stressed. I was curious to see the residue this year might have left in its wake.

But as we took off and I watched our ascent into the cloudless sky, I was flooded with a profound feeling of well-being. Unexpected joy fuelled a trickle of tears. I’m sure there will be a variety of tensions and rubbishy stuff to still sort through. But today was all good. Today I’m alive. And I am alive.

7 thoughts on “Cancer-versary

  1. Lisa

    We all have such big reasons to say, “And I am alive!” Oh Heidi and Daphne, I had tears of joy in my eyes as I read this post! Tomorrow will be exactly 6 months since my final chemo – more cause for celebration. Cheers to all three of us!

  2. Linda

    Yeeey! Intense unexpected oy is the best. Well, one of the best. Congratulations on getting through the year! HUGS!

  3. Heidi

    I’m so so happy to triple that joyous feeling with the real presence of you two wonderful women in the world. Happy chemo-versary Lisa for tomorrow! You survived chemo, no mind cancer! What a bloody incredible achievement. Words are too small for these feelings. Tears will do.

    Thanks Linda. More joy back to you and I’m sending love and hope things are well. Xxx

  4. Kerrie

    Hi Heidi, have a great trip. So glad you have survived. Also great to see your smiling happy shiny-ness in this post. You remind me of the REM song shiny happy people. Shed loads of hugs and love. Xxxx

  5. Mike

    Must be a moving trip. Well done with everything you have been through in the last year. So nice to see your happy smiling face in that photo x

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