There’s nothing to see here..

I just got back from seeing my GP. I got the fastest appointment ever. Slipping the word ‘cancer’ to the receptionist still gets me access to the medical equivalent of speedy boarding. I went to see her because I’ve been worried about something. I don’t want to call it a ‘lump’, more like a weird protrusion on my left ribcage. The oncologist looked at it a few weeks ago but she didn’t think it was cancer so that was the end of it for her.

It wasn’t going away though and when I exercised, it ached. Even though the oncologist had reassured me, it still didn’t feel right. So I got my top off (again) for my GP and she had a good feel of my pelvis, spine and ribs. A new area of feeliness from doctors.

After a bit of prodding, she told me that I have a tilted pelvis and slightly S-shaped spine. She had an ‘A-ha’ moment when I told her I’d slept exclusively on my left side for six months after surgery made it too ouchie to lie on my right.

She prescribed sleeping alternately on each side and going to pilates. I feel very relieved it’s something fixable but it also laid out bare that there’s still some cancer mess to clean up.

By strange life coincidence I also got a phone call from the PALS people today saying that they were pressing forward with a formal complaint I made about my encounter with the consultant. He’ll be informed by his superiors and I hope he gets the support he needs to make some changes in his ‘style’.

Today was all about the contrasts between the different care that doctors can give. One that works, the other that doesn’t. But the most important thing I learned today was that I can trust my instincts as my body’s monitor. Getting that balance between vigilance and anxiety is a delicate one. So far I think I’m doing alright at it.