No spread outside the boob

The rest of my body is clear of cancer.

Just one small suspicious thing at the base of my spine but it’s unchanged from 2015 scan and they’re not worried. I will have an MRI just to check. I’m not worried.

I got a second chance.

I’m grateful beyond words.

The past two days have sucked. Thank you all for getting me through it. I crumpled and you all held me up.

Thank you.

Next step mastectomy.

19 thoughts on “No spread outside the boob

  1. Melanie Jarman

    Thank goodness Heidi. Been thinking about you all day. Love and kisses to you and yours xxx

  2. Paula

    Oh, wow, ok, this is the best news we all could get at this point. I feel relieved and hope your burden has eased a little bit. The next few steps are also very hard to take but you can do it knowing there is a future for you (and for all of us with you in it). Please let us know what we can do for you. Even far away I am close to you and want to help in any way you see most fitting.

  3. Katherine

    So pleased to hear this Heidi. I’m so sorry you have this going on AT ALL but I cant tell you how delighted I am that this small win had happened today for you. So much love xxxx

  4. Heidi

    Thanks wonderful people! Tears of joy and relief all round! Yes the next steps will be tough, very tough. But bring it on. I’m ready!

  5. Brenda

    Absolute tears of relief over here across the pond… I am here for you for whatever you need in terms of surgery resources. Just let me know. xoxo

  6. Kamila

    This is great news I’m so truly happy and relieved. Thank you for sharing, I’ve been thinking about you!

  7. Heidi

    Thanks for all your care and good thoughts wonderful types. I’m so glad to bring better news than I was expecting. Brenda, I may take up that offer of surgery tips. Full steam ahead on prepping for the mastectomy. Grateful for the options laid out in front of me. But lots of work to do and extra preventative action to take. <3

  8. Belen

    You are amazing Heidi! I have been thinking on you and your sweet ones non-stop – sooo happy to read that word: clear
    As with so many friends who love you – we’re willing to do what we can for support. Sending you big love

  9. tammy williams

    BEYOND WORDS IN A MOST WONDERFUL POSITIVE WAY !!!!!!!!!!! Even MORE hugs & Love coming your way xoxoxoxo

  10. Jess Worth

    Such wonderful news. Sending much love and wishing you much strength for the next challenges xxx

  11. rachel

    Phew! Thank goodness. Hard next steps but for now a huge phew accompanied by massive hugs xxxxx

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