Haiku for a bad boob

Bad boob is aching

I think it knows what’s coming

Serves it right I say

6 thoughts on “Haiku for a bad boob

  1. Heidi

    Hahaha Brenda, that’s brilliant. Maybe life would be better if we just all communicated in haiku!

  2. Lisa

    “Serves it right” for sure. Begone!

    On another note, I just noticed the treatment calendar on the side of your blog. Saves me from asking when you’ll see the surgeon. 😉

  3. Heidi

    Lisa I’m definitely feeling a shift in my perception of my boobs. I remember feeling a glimpse of this alienation from them last time but I had to try hard to resolve that in order to accept them again. This time I’m going with it. It’s just tissue and fat and it’s dangerous.

    Ah yes the calendar is very helpful. I’ll add appointments as they come in. First should be MRI for the spine, then plastic surgeon, then mastectomy surgeon, then surgery. It all has to happen within NHS guidelines of treatment four weeks after diagnosis. xx

  4. Paula

    Heidi, you’re so amazing. Besides your no-BS attitude, I love the haiku. It’s perfect in its aesthetics and sound.

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