Op Success!

Just got off the phone with Heidi’s surgeon, Andy Mellington, and got the great news! No complications, all went according to plan. Heidi is in the recovery room now. I might even be able to talk to her on the phone in a couple of hours. Thank you to everyone who sent lovely messages. I’m sorry I haven’t managed to reply yet. It’s hard to type and chew your nails down to stumps at the same time, and now it’s hard to type and cry relief-flavoured tears of joy at the same time. Love you all!



16 thoughts on “Op Success!

  1. Lisa Todd

    Such great news, Adam! Thank you for letting all of us know. Please add my love, hugs, and smooches to the collective ones being delivered to Heidi! <3

  2. Paula

    Oh, sweet Adam, amazing news! Been holding my breath for dear Heidi. Huge hugs and mucho love ❤️.

  3. tammy williams

    Dearest Adam
    Emily & I send immense love and huge hugs to you all. Take care of yourself. You are a most wonderful Man with a more wonderful Family xoxoxoxo

  4. Sam G

    Hi Adam Sam here (Leicester ) normally text direct but don’t have your number. So glad everything has gone to plan thinking of you all and virtually giving hugs all round, give Heidi our love when she awakes …..

  5. Ana Maria Ferraro

    What amazing news! So happy for you all. Tears, tears, tears! I hope you can all get some rest… xoxo

  6. Karen

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for letting us know. That is wonderful wonderful news LOVE TO YOU ALL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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