Op Success!

Just got off the phone with Heidi’s surgeon, Andy Mellington, and got the great news! No complications, all went according to plan. Heidi is in the recovery room now. I might even be able to talk to her on the phone in a couple of hours. Thank you to everyone who sent lovely messages. I’m sorry I haven’t managed to reply yet. It’s hard to type and chew your nails down to stumps at the same time, and now it’s hard to type and cry relief-flavoured tears of joy at the same time. Love you all!



Heidi the Warrior Princess laughs at mere flesh wounds


Bring it!

Just a quick note that Heidi is just out of surgery and resting up. We’re hoping She’ll be able to be discharged in a couple of hours so we can take her home and spoil her.

The surgeon said that the op went well with no complications, no problems this time getting the cannula in.  Some pain is being managed at the moment the with good old morphine.

Heidi threatening the anaesthetist to not fuck up the cannula.

Heidi threatening the anaesthetist to make sure he doesn’t fuck up the cannula.



It’s complicated

Just wanted to let people know that Heidi is home from hospital, but unfortunately is in very severe pain.

We’re just waiting for the doctor to come and examine her as she shouldn’t be feeling this much pain and is already at maximum dose of her existing pain meds.

The choice was to either get her to hospital which would involve moving her, which would be agony for her, even if paramedics handled it. Or wait for a home visit from the GP surgery, which takes longer. Both are crap options, but I understand why we can’t just get a morphine prescription over the phone. Especially since Heidi says the pain is spreading and she also has an elevated temperature (though not fever yet).

A doctor will be able to tell if she needs to be moved to hospital or not. Regardless, we need to get the pain down before she can move or be moved.

There will need to be a decision about her drain as well, as it’s unclear whether removing it would improve or worsen her pain. There are pros and cons to either action, and the community nurses didn’t exactly inspire confidence there.

Anyway, I know a lot of you have been trying to get in touch, and I’m sorry if I’m not keeping up with it, but I’ll try to keep updates to the blog as then everyone can follow that for news.

Thanks all!